Become Fashionably Inspired Through Instagram


Looking for inspiration when it comes to putting together daily outfits or sprucing up your wardrobe? Fashion bloggers and Instagram style icons are a great resource for ideas.

This is a list of current bloggers on Instagram that keep their style up to date for the public to enjoy and inspire to be. Whenever I am in a style rut the first thing I do is refresh my Instagram feed. These bloggers are always flashing the newest trends and brands to stay updated on.

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Instagram gives an outlet for people to share their wardrobe.

Negin Mirsalehi @negin_mirsalehi

This girl knows style and has 4.5 million followers on Instagram to confirm it. Along with Instagram, Mirsalehi also regularly posts YouTube vlogs giving her fans a glimpse into her daily life.

Mirasalehi’s style is “bohemian,” but also gives off a sophisticated, girly vibe. Not only is she known for her style, but she owns her own hair product company called Gisou, which specializes in honey based products.

Mirasalehi is always pushing the fashion boundaries in a fun, creative way. If you like bold colors, designer fashions and a chic look, I would highly suggest checking her out.

Tess Christine @tesschristinexo

Even tough Christine currently lives in New York City she is from the Midwest and her style reflects that.

A lot of fashion bloggers post outfits that are out of a college students price range, but Christine posts affordable clothing which is necessary on a college budget.

Her style is girly and casual. A lot of the outfits she posts would be great options to wear to class. On her YouTube channel she does clothing hauls, New York tour guides and beauty videos.

Gina Ybarra @Huntforstyles

A lot of fashion bloggers tend to drift away from posting only outfit pictures daily, but Ybarra keeps the outfit inspiration coming. She styles her pieces in a very unique way, such as pairing sweatshirts and blazers or a girly dress with edgy combat boots.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your everyday look and stand out from the crowd, I would suggest searching @huntforstyles on Instagram.

Almost all of her pictures feature a cup of coffee, which is truly the best accessory college student can have.

Aimee Song @songofstyle

My favorite thing about Song is how she embraces her Korean heritage and reflects it through her style and posts. It is encouraging and interesting to learn about fashion and food from another culture through a social media platform.

Along with posting about how she makes her favorite sweet potatoes, Song posts incredible outfit pictures. Most of the clothes she wears are high end designer, so it isn’t realistic for a college student, but we can dream to be there one day.

Song is the author of the book “Capture Your style,” which is a bestselling book teaching its readers about how she became a fashion blogger and how you can go about taking unique pictures of your own personal style.

Xenia Van Der Woodsen @xeniaoverdose

With multiple traveling experiences, Van Der Woodsen’s pictures will allow you to explore new places while lying in bed on your phone. She is always somewhere new in the world whether its Dubai, Sweden, Paris or Milan.

Along with being able to see the scenery of these unreal places you also get to view the beautiful outfits that she wears. Van Der Woodsen’s style is quite girly; she is usually posting pictures in floral dresses, strappy heals or brightly colored faux fur.

If you follow Van Der Woodsen, your Instagram feed will be nothing short of beautiful views of the world and even more stunning outfits.

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