A Faster Device Is Just a Download Away

OASIS FENG | Photo Courtesy
Android app Greenify by Oasis Feng is the fast and painless solution to a slow phone.

The past couple of weeks my phone has been really acting up, so I finally did something about it.

My phone was being extremely slow and heating up quickly even after closing all open apps. It was taking about 10 seconds on average to simply startup Snapchat, my Yu-Gi-Oh! game (it is my guilty pleasure, fight me) and various other apps that are taxing on the CPU (Central Processing Unit) the phone should have no problem running.

At this point you may be asking yourself, “Nathan, how did you fix this? Did you buy a new phone? Did you delete that stupid Yu-Gi-Oh! app?” No, I downloaded another app to add to my deck.

The app in question is called Greenify and was created by Oasis Feng. It has made my phone much faster and helps extend the battery life as well. It does this by automating a process that, without Greenify and regular maintenance, can take a long time.

Greenify simply force quits any apps running in the background. I use it to force quit all the apps I am not using at the time, and it seems to have really improved my phone’s performance.

You may be saying to yourself while reading this, “Nathan, I do not need this app because I close all the apps I’m not using already.” While closing apps will help increase your device’s performance, it is not the same thing as what force quitting and Greenify do.

When you close an app, sometimes there are still background processes running that still draw attention away from your CPU. This is where force quitting and Greenify come into play. Force quitting completely shuts down an app’s functions and any background tasks it is doing. A lot of the time these background tasks are not necessary unless you are using the app itself. So why not get more processing power and battery life at the expense of shutting down an app you are not using?

Greenify does this by systematically and efficiently force quitting all apps you are not using by just clicking a button. Sure, you can go into your settings menu and manually shut them down but that can become quite tedious and takes a relatively long time to do. With Greenify you can cut this process down to an almost immeasurable sequence of time and instantly give a boost to your device’s power.

While Greenify is readably available on the Google Play Store for Android users, it is not, to my knowledge, available on the iTunes store yet. Sorry, iPhone users, I can only refer you to the article on macworld.com, “How to speed up a slow iPhone.” The article does a decent enough job of explaining how to speed up your iPhone and where to find the functions you need to do so.

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