Wallet Thick, Booty Thicker at JL Beers

Loaded fries are hot and spicy and are great for a starving stomach.
JL Beers has three locations in the Fargo-Moorhead area to satisfy your cravings at low prices and with a lot of food.

Keep in mind, the Moorhead location is the only associated operation in the area that allows people 18 and older; the others, you must be 21 to eat.

JL Beers is known for their burgers, pretzels, fries and chips, so try to stay within these categories of well-known items when ordering. If you’re craving a chicken sandwich, they have those too, but they are more expensive than the rest of the food.

The burgers range from $4.59 to $6.99, with the more unique toppings you want on your burger the higher the price gets. Most would hear this and think the burgers are bad, but these are good, thick and juicy burgers, not some cheap brown brick.

With the burgers and sandwiches, you can get fries or chips and have them seasoned, loaded or “Buffalo BLU.” Topped with beer cheese, bacon, chopped jalapeños and jalapeño cheddar seasoning, the loaded fries are by far the best, especially if you are starving.

The loaded fries have some spice to them, so if you want less spice but still a little kick, try the Buffalo BLU, which are fries tossed in buffalo sauce and topped with blue cheese crumbles.

There are many options for burgers, ranging from the classics to something more unique, with toppings such as peanut butter, chili, barbecue sauce and eggs offered. You can watch them make these right in front of you because their kitchen is practically right behind the bar.

Start off your meal with the pretzel appetizer, which are soft and hot. Dip the pretzels in cheese or peanut butter. That’ll give them more flavor than just the selected seasoning.

As for drinks, they bring out the soda in cans with an already chilled glass, then when your glass gets warm or you get another drink they will bring out a newly chilled glass. This maintains the coldness without getting watered down by ice, so that is a nice touch.

The problem with most JL Beers locations is the capacity for people. There is a bar area to sit at, but not everyone likes to sit at a bar when going out to dinner. All other seating is very close together and makes it seem a little claustrophobic. I recommend sitting in the patio, especially if it is nice out because there is more room to breathe. JL Beers jokes that they seat 1,000 people, but only a certain amount at a time.

JL Beers also has 1919 root beer floats, which is a draft root beer, so go ahead and feel like an adult and get something off the tap.

For more information visit jlbeers.com.

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