Why everyone should have a camera

A timeless way to capture the everyday

Riley Dorau | Photo courtesy
There’s nothing quite like looking back at a memory you captured in a photo.

The majority of our society has some sort of social media, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or TikTok. Instead of just posing for Instagram or only taking pictures when “you look good,” get a camera to capture daily moments. 

Disposable cameras cost $15 or if you chose to use your phone, that works as well. The moments we pass by or watch daily will once be gone. Life is lived through the beholder and moments that are captured are alive forever. Owning a camera releases curiosity provides a sense of individuality and is empowering.

All kids, and even adults, are curious. If you had a camera you could inspect different angles or perspectives through the lenses; creating your own artwork. Doing so adds individuality because no one’s photos will look like yours, no matter if someone has the same camera as you. Everyone’s eye is different than yours. 

When I first got my camera, I took pictures of flowers blowing in the wind or my brother mowing the lawn. Photography is simple, whether it be taking a photo of your favorite coffee or a nice view, seeing these photos after some time can bring you back to the feeling you had at that moment. The photo above is of the Mississippi River. It reminds me of my hometown.

When you capture moments in your life, it feels as if you are in control. Individuality should be an important aspect to everyone. We are all different, no one should want to be like anyone else.

Photography allows you to express your creative side. You don’t need expensive equipment either, all you need is an eye for what you think is beautiful. I love looking at others’ photographs because their inspirations are so different from mine but I still feel a certain way after looking at their art.

Photography is something that doesn’t go away. For hundreds of years, generations after generations, photographs are the last things that remain. One day, our decade will be in history books, and the photographs we leave behind are what our future generation sees. Together we all need to invest in our day-to-day lives. 

Take photos of your friends or of your car or favorite restaurant. It is the little things in life. When you’re old and your grandkids are old too, you’re going to want to have memories and advice to share with them. There’s no better advice to give than to have them go through life with a camera. Your artwork and images will be the “why.”

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