Why do we have to be so divided?

Campus is a spider web of special people

Photo Courtesy | Pexels.com

I wish there was something on this campus that helped other people learn about each other. Making negative assumptions about another based on what they’re wearing, their looks or first impressions is extremely dangerous and unhealthy. 

When I get to school everyday, everyone is to themselves. Unless it’s a group of friends or a certain chemistry group, everyone is on their own and isolated. 

I may be one of the few people who dislike it – I don’t know about you and everyone else. But this campus is dangerously quiet and dry. 

It’s a whole other vibe when everyone is friendly with each other, and when everyone around participates it can lighten up any Monday. 

It’s more comfortable that way. I am more productive when I know that everyone around me acknowledges my differences and my existence and still continues to accept me as who I am. 

I can be my absolute best version of me. A different person with different views but still be treated equally. 

It’s as ethereal as walking into a uniquely designed cafe, ordering something different than the people either side of me in line but still experiencing the same feeling of happiness once I bite into the fluffy croissant or take a sip of sweet matcha. 

Relatability may just be the gold of this new age. Everyone is trying to find commonality and similar interests, especially to spark conversations or new social interactions. 

Experiencing new cultures is like finding beauty in the dark. You often overlook it because you’re so used to seeing beauty from well lit contrasts where it can find you, but it takes dedication to find diamonds in the rough. 

Not everything is appealing in the sunlight. It’s a lot better to see things in their natural shine instead. 

Personally, I’m African Arabian, but I am obsessed with Eastern European and Asian cultures. Although people can embrace their culture here in North Dakota, it may not be as elegant or vibrant as it would be in their own countries/hometowns. 

And of course traveling for fun is quite a luxury, so take some time to embrace your own culture and it just might influence others to find it interesting enough to learn from.

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