Songs to Lift Your Spirit With

Here’s some music to motivate you through the last part of this semester

Well Bison, I have never felt more unmotivated. For the first time since leaving for college, I had a very relaxing break. I was able to hang out with my loved ones and enjoy being home. Because of this, I did not want to go back to school. At all. However, the end of the semester is upon us. Kind of. A month away. Still, I am holding onto every bit of hope that I can end this semester with a smile on my face. To give me the best possible chance of this, I have been listening to music that lifts my spirits. Today, I hope to lift your spirits by sharing these music recommendations.

Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)” by Hillsong UNITED

I have found nothing better to lift my spirits than worship music. Nothing gets my eyes off myself and my situations so well. Worship music places my eyes on the only thing I really need to get through: my Savior. This song does such a good job of bringing God glory from every part of your life – even the lows. My personal favorite line of this song belongs to the chorus, and it goes, “Once I was broken/ but You loved my whole heart through.” These lines in particular are fantastic reminders of God’s goodness in our suffering. This is an especially good reminder coming off of Easter because we should actively be recognizing God’s sovereignty in our salvation. I know that every song I include in this list will indeed be songs that make me happy, but this one holds a special place. This song not only reminds me I will be okay but reminds me why I will be okay.

Springtime” by Chris Renzema

Similarly to the last song, this song lifts my spirits because of its purpose. This song is about God’s resurrection. My favorite line in this song, the first line in the chorus, is about the story of Easter. The line reads, “We will sing a new song/’cause death is dead and gone with the winter.” Not only is this line perfect for what I am really hoping is the beginning of spring, but it relates to Jesus rising from the dead. Easter is one of my favorite holidays because of what it means to me as a Christian, so listening to this song around Easter just holds so much more weight. This song is most definitely a spirit-lifter, so I highly recommend it if that is what you need heading into this last month of school.

Chin Up” by Yoke Lore

On a completely different and more secular note, I love this song. I mean the goal of the song is in the name, to make its listeners chin up. My favorite lines in this song all come from the chorus, “I wish that you were happy in your skin/…but I believe the sleights are in your head/’cause I will love you long after I’m dead.” This song makes me feel very heard but shows me that I’m still loved. Obviously, this song is not about me. I am aware of that. However, I know I am not alone in how I feel sometimes because someone had to write a whole song about it. These words remind me to hold onto the love around me and let go of any resentment that I hold for myself. Getting through school is so much harder when I am being hard on myself. Letting go of that is one of the easiest ways to enjoy my life.

Heaven” by Niall Horan

Yet another banger. This song is most definitely one of those songs you would hear in an American Eagle, but for good reason: Niall Horan made no mistakes with this song. It is catchy, and the lyrics are easy to follow while still holding a lot of weight. This song is pretty repetitive, so there are not many lyrics for me to choose from when I pick a favorite, but my favorite lyrics do indeed come from the chorus: “…and even if our love starts to grow out of control/and you and me go up in flames/heaven won’t be the same.” Truthfully, these lyrics do not have much to do with uplifting my spirits. They are nice lyrics, but not necessarily things I need to hear if that makes sense. However, the song is so catchy and the tune itself makes me feel joyful. The lyrics are also cute, though, so that is an added bonus. 

Lovely Darling” by Benson Boone

I know, I know. Benson Boone just came out with new music and I should really be writing about that instead. I am sorry. This song just very much deserves a spot on this list. It is a very peppy song. The lyrics are very far from encouraging, as they are actually encouraging a breakup. I personally am not planning on getting into a breakup anytime soon. However, the song is fun. It feels like summer, and sometimes, that is all a girl can ask for. I don’t have a particular favorite lyric for this song. I like the whole song, and I recommend giving it a listen. Also, his new album is good too.

I hope that someone who needs to be uplifted will try listening to any of these songs. I hope they have the same effect on you that they do on me. We are really on the home stretch for this semester. Kind of. Almost. I am considering this the home stretch. I believe in us all. Good luck, Bison.

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