What I Wish I Knew as a Freshman

As an incoming college freshman, there are many things that people prepare you for. You get a packing list, a set of rules for the residence halls, a tour, etc., but there are so many things people don’t tell you about that you will quickly learn when experiencing your freshman year.

Lucky for you freshmen, the Spectrum editors have compiled a list of unspoken rules and helpful tips that no one ever told them about but have learned throughout their time here at North Dakota State.

Your roommate won’t be your best friend

According to Head News Editor Phoebe Ellis, even if your freshman year roommate starts off as your best friend, they won’t necessarily end up being your best friend.

When you do find your best friend, they will most likely be your roommate sophomore year. So live off campus with them and save your money. 

If you want to have sex, or masturbate, in your dorm, tell your roommate that’s what you’re doing and ask them to leave

It is really awkward walking in on your roommate having sex, so leave the embarrassment behind and just flat out let your roommate know to keep their eyes clean.

Don’t fight with your significant other in front of your roommate

During my freshman year, my roommate fought with her boyfriend every day in front of me to the point where I could not leave the room because he was blocking the door.

So, just leave or stop the argument before it goes too far to keep the unnecessary tension out of the living situation.

There is no one to take care of you when you’re in college

New Editor-in-Chief Erik Jonasson II figured this out quickly when he tore his ACL twice in the first four months of college. He realized that no one was there to take care of him, and that once you’re in college you are truly on your own.

Don’t wear your lanyard around your neck or hanging out of your pocket

This is the statement piece that will quickly identify you as a freshman wherever you are. Brittany Hofmann, Design Editor, sees this every year and wants it to stop. Why staple yourself as a “newbie” in college?

Respect the unassigned assigned seats

Do you know how angry and annoyed people get when they have sat in the same seat for weeks or sometimes months and one day they walk in and there is someone in their seat? Sports Editor Taylor Schloemer knows the importance of these unassigned assigned seats through his college years.

That is my seat. I have claimed it. You cannot take it even though they are not assigned; they are mentally.

There are decent advisors; if you don’t have one, then get a new one

Most people end up changing advisors. They won’t be offended. Everyone working here at NDSU is looking for you to succeed.

Laura Ellen Brandjord, the A&E Editor, wants freshmen to be aware that sometimes advisors do not work out, that there are bad ones and it becomes extremely helpful when you finally have one that understands your goals.


Why not shower? It is gross for you and those around you. Zachary Liu, the Head Copy Editor, begs you to please shower, please.

Don’t be an idiot

From all the Spectrum editors, we all ask you to please not be an idiot. This is college. There are parties and, as much as we want to deny it, there is drinking. If you get alcohol poisoning, please seek medical attention and go to the hospital. Overall, just use common sense and try to not be stupid.

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