So There is a New Editor-in-Chief, Now What?

The No. 1 priority that I have as the new editor-in-chief is doing what is right.

In the long line of editor-in-chiefs before me, I have had the pleasure of working with three fantastic role models in Erica Nitschke, Ben Norman and most recently Jack Hastings.

Watching these three individuals over the last three years has prepared me to know what steps we must take to maintain our high standards.

The Spectrum will never ignore any voice. However, that does not mean that voice will go unchallenged. I promise that anyone who shows a sense of professionalism, openness to critique and training will always have an editor to work with at The Spectrum.

In the current age of politics, we have found ourselves at an interesting crossroads.

The common enemy is not just threats from across oceans, disease or the latest music choice of the younger generation, but it increasingly seems to be journalists.

As a student publication, we answer to no one but our own standards. We are our own checks and balances.

As journalists, we plan to uphold our code of ethics as well as seek the whole truth in any story we write. We also promise to provide you, the reader, with as many viewpoints that we can find.

Ultimately though, the element that makes us unique is students. We are all students. Our paper operates because of the hard work of students.

We welcome students who want to further their portfolios of published work. We welcome individuals who want to learn, and we will always have room for hard workers.

While we say goodbye to the most recently departed people from our paper, we move forward with the same goal as always — to do what is right.

This will not change with me as editor-in-chief, nor will it change with the next editor-in-chief. I look forward to leading this paper for the land and its people.

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