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Week 001: What does NDSU need?

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Yes, you! Welcome to our newest column, where every week I pose one question to randomly selected students I see in Memorial Union. This week I started off easy with as vague and open-ended a question as possible. Here’s what you had to say!

Q: What does NDSU need?

A: “Free parking and better places to park. It’s way too expensive and makes me not want to go to school.” – C.B.

A: “(uncomfortable sigh) I don’t know. There’s so much.” – A.F.

A: “UND has a whole room designated as a food pantry, so a larger and more accessible food pantry.” – S.S.

A: “More tunnels. A tunnel from Minard to Union would be so nice.” – M.Z.

A: “More queer people.” -T.G.

A: “Hell, I haven’t given it much thought. Um, less corner-store Bible sellers.” – B.S.

A: “NDSU needs to not support hate groups. Free speech is one thing, but not hate speech.” -G.P.

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