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Week 002: Do you want to be going to NDSU?

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Yes, you! Welcome to our newest column, where every week I pose one question to randomly selected students I see in Memorial Union. Last week’s online-only article covered what you thought NDSU needs going forward. This week, I went a little more specific and personal. Here’s what you had to say!

Q: Do you want to be going to NDSU?

A: “For the specific program I’m in, yes.” – B.N.

A: (long sigh) Yeah, overall. I think in the long run it’s going to be good, but sometimes… I question it. Follow-up question: What are some times you question it? A: Usually right around finals week. – Anonymous

A: Yeah, that’s why I’m here. – C.A.

A. Yeah. There’s just so much to fix and I’m a fixer, you know? – H.S.

A: (no hesitation) No. I was going to transfer, but then I was almost done with my degree, so I figured….eh. – A.F.

A: Well, I like the program, kind of, but I wish I’d gone somewhere warmer and explored elsewhere. -B.S.

A: Not really, but it’s too late now. – M.S.

A: (surprised) Yes, actually. There’s nowhere else I want to be right now. At least, for school.

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