Want to pitch an inning for Bison baseball?

At a press conference, North Dakota State University Athletic Director Matt Larsen and Head Baseball Coach Tyler Oakes announced that NDSU is allowing someone the opportunity to pitch an inning for Bison baseball.

Those interested cannot be a part of the Bison’s Club Baseball team, but any other student enrolled at North Dakota State is eligible. Those interested can fill out an application under the baseball page at GoBison.com. Those who do will throw a bullpen with an NDSU catcher in front of Coach Oakes. The highest evaluated pitcher will be allowed to pitch an inning during the Bison’s home opener on April 18 against Mayville State.

“I felt this was interesting for a number of reasons,” Oakes declared. “For one I’m a pitcher and mostly work with the pitchers. I thought it would be fun for someone to get an opportunity to throw. Secondly, during a non-conference game against an NAIA team we felt we didn’t really have much to lose. However, they’re very talented players of course and it will be a challenge.”

Of the eight remaining non-conference games, the contest against Mayville State was the most plausible. The other seven include two separate games each at Minnesota and Nebraska of the Big Ten and a three-game series at Texas Tech of the Big 12.

If the game is postponed, the winner will pitch on the new date of the game. However, if the game is cancelled, they will get the option to travel with the team to play Minnesota on April 25, Nebraska on May 3, or simply withdraw.

The one lucky individual selected will get to pitch any full inning of Coach Oakes’ choice. However, if you face the entirety of the order without retiring the side, Coach Oakes will have the option to remove you from the game. So no pressure.

NDSU pitcher Cade Feeney delivers a pitch against Arizona earlier this season. You too can join Cade on the mound this season in a new program announced by the NDSU Athletic Department.
Photo Courtesy | Tim Sanger

“It’s a lot harder than it looks,” Bison pitcher Cade Feeney stated. “As is anything in baseball but I’m excited to see some hidden talent out there and work with them.”

No more irritating comments from the stands of, ‘Just throw strikes,’ ‘Just play catch’ or ‘can’t be walking guys.’ Now you’ll get to see it’s not as easy as it looks, especially when facing the big dogs. Go get those cleats and start warming up. Who knows maybe you’ll be the next Justin Verlander or Corbin Burnes. Now is the time for you to go pro like you said you could’ve if it weren’t for whatever excuse you’ve concocted. Coach Oakes and Bison fans are waiting, let’s start up that old gas pump of an arm and let it rip.

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