New Wave of Netflix Technology


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Netflix’s Switch allows users to dim lights, order food and settle in for a comfy night of watching TV.

The future is now.

Netflix has created a website that lets you create fun and goofy (but surprisingly cool) contraptions that interact with Netflix. The page is full of ideas on gadgets you can build to make your Netflix watching experience the best it can be.

One of the contraptions is the Netflix Switch. By pressing one button, you can dim your lights, silence your phone, call fast food and start Netflix on your TV.  Engineers have created a mind reading control remote for Netflix.

Netflix has also created Netflix Socks. You can create your own Netflix socks that will pause your show when you fall asleep. Netflix has released a video on how to make these futuristic socks. No more falling asleep and missing half a season anymore.

Netflix employees partnered up with Muse, the brain sensing headband company. Muse designed the headband for meditation. It tracks brain activity and responds via an application that helps you to improve your meditation experience. The people at Muse combined with the engineers at Netflix altered the headband so the user can move their head right or left to scroll through the millions of shows Netflix offers. To play the show selected, all the user has to do is “focus” on the show.

Is this too much? For some, yes. But for those who love to create stuff, sounds like heaven. Not only do they have videos, but they also have blueprints on how to create these gadgets. You can also submit your own idea and Netflix will come up with a way to design it.

In the latest wave of the future, we don’t have to leave our couches (or beds) to watch Netflix. You’re probably thinking, “It’s all too good to be true.” But no, it’s true.

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