Voters Choose Spencer and Anuj

CASEY MCCARTY | THE SPECTRUM Anuj Moir (front left) and Spencer Moir (back center) interact with supporters after winning the student body presidential election.
Anuj Teotia (front left) and Spencer Moir (back center) interact with supporters after winning the student body presidential election.

The 2016-17 student body president and vice president are Spencer Moir and Anuj Teotia, respectively.

The final vote count left Moir and Teotia in the lead with 1,106 overall votes.

Student court chief justice Matt Warsocki announced the winners of the 2016 student body election Thursday night. Four tickets ran in the election.

Warsocki said 2,714 students completed ballots, up almost 1,000 votes from last year’s 1,734.

“It’s just like all the work paid off,” Moir said after winning the election, adding, “I’m just thankful for everyone who … believed in Anuj and I and turned out to vote.”

Moir said winning the election is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work, six months of planning and 105 organization visits.

“It seems student government’s in good hands and I look forward to seeing what happens,” Charles Steinberger, VP candidate of the Chuck & Chaka ticket, said. “We didn’t win, but we accomplished what we wanted to do, was to get people to vote, and we got people to vote.”

Jacob Dailey and Mikayla Young echoed Steinberger’s message through a Facebook post on their campaign page.

“Thank you for the overwhelming amount of support through this incredible opportunity whether it was through prayers, believing in us as individuals, sharing our vision for North Dakota State University, giving your advice, constantly challenging us and the countless hours given up to be there for everything and anything,” the post read. “We truly could not have done this without you.

“We did it! We reached our goal, we wanted this election to have an even better turnout than previous years.”

Just under 13,500 students are officially enrolled at NDSU, putting voter turnout rates at about 20 percent. That number is up from last year’s 13 percent.

Steinberger and his running mate Tyler Losinski placed fourth in overall votes with 184. Nick Evans and Calla Price placed third with 529. Dailey and Young placed second with 856.

Deductions of 1.5 percent of total votes occurred when candidates violated election code. Moir and Teotia were found to be in violation of election code due to using social media on during election days.

Evans and Price left their cage up too long. This resulted in a loss of 17 votes and eight votes, respectively.

Professor X, the cat who ran as a write-in candidate for senator in the 2015 student body election, received 18 write-in votes.

There were 5 instances where write-in candidates were elected with less than 10 votes, and there were 10 write-in senators.

University Studies is the only college that has an open senatorial seat.

“North Dakota State University will be in good hands,” Dailey and Young said.

The Spectrum was unable to obtain comments from Evans and Price.

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