rourke art gallery

Night at the Rourke Museum

rourke art gallery
The Rourke Art Gallery Museum will show art from featured artists alongside music and short lectures on April 15.

College night is back at the Rourke Art Museum, starting at 7 p.m. Friday.

All college students, faculty and staff are encouraged to enjoy free admission and refreshments as they explore the museum’s exhibits at the annual event.

The featured artists this year are Mackenzie Kouba, Zoey Schlemper and Gordon Mortensen.

Kouba is a Fargo-Moorhead native whose exhibition, entitled “Escape to the Looney Bin,” features surrealist paintings of humans and animals alike. In a statement on the Rourke website, Kouba described her work as reflecting “socially and or psychologically significant events.”

The next exhibition features the work of Zoey Schlemper, who brought fantasy into reality through her field-guide style artwork. The creatures she portrays are from the land of Koleo Gran and were originally recorded by Normal Carl II. Schlemper’s drawings are a fantastic glimpse into another world.

The final featured artist is Gordon Mortensen. A North Dakota native, Mortensen’s impressive woodcuts depict nature in splendid color and beautiful imagery. Each piece is meticulously crafted to appear as if it is a painting, but upon closer inspection it displays many disciplined details.

Along with new artists, you can also take a peek at the Rourke’s ongoing exhibitions including “Midwest Modern,” “Transformations: The Art of the Mask” and “20th Century.”

“Midwest Modern” champions the works of local and regional artists. There are various art styles in this collection, including paintings, sculpture and mixed media.

“Transformations” examines the artistic quality of masks from Latin America, Indonesia and Africa. The exhibit allows you to explore the colorful culture and beauty and learn about their cultural significance.

Finally, the “20th Century” collection features works from famous artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Luis Jimenez and Pablo Picasso for those with more modern sensibilities.

Enjoy these fantastic collections as you munch on treats from Sandy’s Donuts and s’mores and enjoy a hot chocolate and coffee bar.

Not only will there be great art, but there will also be music and short lectures Friday night as well.

Ticket Information

When: 7-9 p.m., Friday

Where: Rourke Art Gallery Museum

Price: Free for college students, staff and faculty

More info: (218) 236-8861 or online

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