Trisha Paytas Reveals Another Surprise On the Way

On November 21, renowned singer, Trisha Paytas, announced through a series of Instagram photos captioned “Thankful” that she and her husband, Israeli artist Moses Hacmon, will be having another child. If that wasn’t thrilling enough for the public to find out, the pair also dropped the name for this baby: Elvis. 

It wasn’t until Monday, March 25, that they decided to reveal a second round of information on their pregnancy: that they are indeed expecting not one baby but two. 

“We thought it could be extra fun if we lied to the public and allowed one of our children to remain a secret for a couple months in order to have something new and exciting to announce when my views were low,” Paytas commented to a reporter at the Hollywood Gossip. 

Paytas and Hacmon started dating in 2020 and became engaged and married in 2021. In September 2022, they welcomed their first child who was adorned with the special name of Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon which was met with much backlash from her fan base, branding it as “cruel and selfish.” The name Elvis took a step back from the extravagance of Malibu Barbie, but some fans still question this name as the couple actually are unsure of the sex of their coming child. 

“Elvis could be a masculine name, but we’d also give it to a girl,” said Paytas. One fan commented on this, “As a Barbie enthusiast, I only started following Trisha because of her daughter Malibu Barbi. I sincerely thought they were going to name their next kid Ken or Skipper, so I was quite disappointed when they announced it as Elvis. Trisha, you have lost a loyal fan.”

It seems that no matter what names this couple comes up with, they will never make the public happy. That brings us to our biggest question: what will the twin child’s name be?

Many have speculated that Trisha is naming her kids after popular movie characters with the “Barbie” movie coming out only seven months after her first child, Malibu Barbie, was born, and the movie “Elvis” coming out in June 2022 less than two years before the expected due date of her second child. 

This leaves fans to believe that her next child may go by the name Fear due to the character in the “Inside Out 2” movie being released June 14 of this year, just a few weeks after her child will be born. Many people have also guessed the names Oppenheimer or Wonka could be in the runnings.

“We aren’t going to be releasing the next name because who knows when we’ll need to draw attention again. The game plan is to use it as a publicity stunt kinda,” says Paytas.

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