Tree of the Month: Mr. Green

Recognizing trees in our neck of the woods

A bent tree in front of Loftsgard Hall encapsulates how many students on campus may feel

What a time of the year. The weather is starting its second shift toward colder days. This is just in time for the second set of tests to come down like an incredibly heavy snowfall. It is not always easy to stay standing through midterm season, but take heart in this: even the trees struggle to stay standing sometimes.

Mr. Green

This brings us to October’s Tree of the Month, to whom the name Mr. Green (Ever Green, to be specific) will be attributed. This tree is in front of Loftsgard Hall, providing a wall for some nearby benches. It situates itself near the intersection of Albrecht and 14th Avenue if you don’t know where Loftsgard is but happen to actually know the street names. This tree may go unnoticed by many students, as it is hard to notice every tree on campus. One might say it’s a needle in a haystack. However, NDSU student Isabella Nyseth pointed out the resilience of this soon-to-be-famous tree. The word famous is used because the press this tree will receive from this article will obviously be immense.

The gravity of midterms

Isabella gave some insight into the importance of Mr. Green, saying, “I walk past this tree every time I go to the dining centers and feel that it perfectly represents the life of a college student, half dead and barely standing (but still going strong).” Just as the time comes for many students to feel the crushing weight of more midterms, perhaps this bent tree stands under the weight of gravity? It shows that you can stay upright even with the weight of the world on your shoulders. In this tree’s case, the weight of the world is quite literally beneath it, but that is beside the point.

Leaf this tree alone

Some might think it wise to simply leaf the tree alone. Take a moment to branch off your normal route so you too can at least see and appreciate Mr. Green. While you’re pining away from your homework, tests, project and so on, this pine is working with what it has. 

“I just think he deserves some recognition for his efforts.” As this sentiment was portrayed by Isabella, it should be portrayed by the student body. Midterms are hard, but if a tree can withstand the bend of time, you probably can as well.

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