Pet peeves

A visit to the gym

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone to the gym once or if you find yourself going multiple times a week. There’s something that plagues everybody when they find themselves walking in the doors of a gym and that’s other gym-goers.

Yes, other people are the problem. It’s not the fact that they’re taking up room but more of what they do within that room. It is my hopes and dreams that one day when I go to the gym I won’t come across any of these pet peeves committed by people that often make me gag or cringe. Unfortunately, we’re met with these habits more often than not. I just hope you’re not the one shamelessly committing the acts listed below and if you are, please fix it or work out at home.

The amount of time it takes to find a parking spot

This doesn’t concern the people itself but rather, the mass amount. I can think of nothing worse of a commute than half running/walking to my car in the snow. Driving to the Wellness Center with my vehicle just starting to warm up when entering the parking lot to then find myself circling the parking lot like a merry-go-round for fifteen minutes.

Playing Where’s Waldo with the weights

People can be forgetful, and it’s the most apparent at the gym. You might as well scan the floor for unused weights instead of walking to the rack they’re supposed to be placed. I get it, you’re (literally) pumped because you finally did that set of shoulder presses you’ve been working toward and you throw down your weights in a victorious mood to go get a drink of water. But, this isn’t your room and your mother’s not here to clean up after you. Put the weights away when you’re done or else multiple people will be walking around trying to spot Waldo (that being the weights) in a room full of them.

People who come to the gym perfectly manicured

Obviously, do whatever you’re comfortable in but coming to the gym with a fresh face of makeup and curled hair makes me think you’re not looking to work out more than you are to find a date. Is there somebody who can make a dating app that’s like Tinder but only for people who go to the gym? That way, we can all agree to come in torn-up t-shirts and actually work out. (But really, if that’s what you’re comfortable in then go for it).

Hover parents meet hover gym-goers

Yes, I get it, there’s only a certain amount of machines and they tend to fill up. But, don’t hover around my machine in hopes to jump on the second I get off and before I wipe the sweat off of it. Go do some push-ups while you wait.

The germ spreaders

Now that we’re on the topic of sweat, I want to give a special shout out to all the people who don’t wipe their machines down after they use them. My favorite thing is to realize I just sat on a sweaty seat on when hopping on the bike. I’m not here to share sweat with you, merely the equipment.

Moaners and Grunters

To all you aspiring Hans & Franz out there, I’m talking to you. Do you really have to be that loud? It’s like you’re exclaiming to the whole gym your presence at the bench press; that everyone must turn their head and watch you do your thing. If you haven’t experienced the loud moans and groans that tend to sound more sexual than out of distress, you must be good at remembering your headphones.

The wannabe physical trainers

You know them, the one that walks around the gym giving random bits of advice to people working out. Sometimes this is met with a quick thanks and other times I see it as honestly being uncomfortable. If you’re going to spend your day giving me advice on how to do a correct squat get employed at the gym, at least you’ll be getting paid for your time.

What, there’s a machine over there? I didn’t know.

If you go to the gym on less busy times you’re lucky that there are multiple machines to your disposal. You happily hop on a treadmill and five minutes later somebody goes onto the one right next to you. I didn’t ask to make best friends at the gym or feel somebody’s sweat landing on me.

Men sizing women up as if they were going to challenge them to a weightlifting competition.

I’m only speaking from a women’s perspective here so I’m sure this is vice versa. I’m not sure if it’s out of respect or admiration but some men ogle as if they want to challenge you to a duel but instead of it being with swords, it’s with how much you can lift. There are competitions for that my friend and I and many other women would greatly appreciate it if you kept walking.

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