Top 5 Reasons Why Carson Wentz Was the Best

With all of the hype surrounding NDSU’s star quarterback (including potential for a high draft position as well as interest from the Cowboys, Eagles, and Browns, among others) it’s time we review five of our favorite things about Wentz and his time as a Bison.

  1. A consistent player throughout each of his years at NDSU, Wentz put up some impressive numbers. Getting a small amount of playing time in his freshman and sophomore seasons, Wentz was prepared to take over come junior year. With all of the plays made by the star QB, he now sits at third on the pass attempts list (612), the pass completions list (392), the passing yards list (5,115), the passing TDs list (45), the pass completion percent list (64.1%), and finally the pass efficiency list (153.9). With all of these marks in the record books, it’s no wonder that Wentz possesses five championship rings and a high ranking in the upcoming NFL Draft.
  1. Though Wentz was a backup to Brock Jensen in his first two seasons, he quickly adjusted, starting in each game of his junior season. During this time, he set single-season records for passing attempts, completions, yards, and total offense per game. Wentz also rushed more as a quarterback than the Bison were used to, contributing to the Herd’s run game. While some professional teams worry about the fact that NDSU has a run-based offense, Wentz is determined to prove that he has what it takes to be an NFL player.
  1. Playing quarterback involves plenty of pressure, especially when playing for a team known for their continuous success. While keeping up with his success on the field, Wentz was also a star academically. Receiving awards each year such as the MVFC Honor Roll, the MVFC All-Academic First Team honor, and the CoSIDA Academic All-American First Team honor, Wentz stayed dedicated to both his academics and work on the football field.
  1. Though the game obviously involved contributions from numerous players, it was Carson Wentz himself that scored the game winning touchdown for the Bison in last year’s national championship win over Illinois State. Playing alongside a senior class that experienced more national championships than losses, Wentz had access to plenty of skilled players.
  1. Looking to improve even more and fill his senior season with triumphs, Wentz went into the year with high expectations. With an early injury that left fans as well as the team puzzled as to when he would return, the once promising season was looking bleak. However, a Wentz return at his final national championship game was something straight out of a movie—one with a perfect ending. Similar to last year, Wentz showed versatility by both throwing and running the ball, helping the team out in every way possible. Ending his season (and his football career) at NDSU with a fifth consecutive national championship, it is safe to say that Carson Wentz has had a remarkable college career.

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