New semester, new beginnings

With a new semester beginning, many college students like to set new goals for themselves to achieve.

Personally I like to think of a new semester as a fresh start, a clean slate to start on the expectations that I have for my schoolwork and myself. It’s easy to understand why many people think of it as just more classes and exams that they have to take to start a successful career in their adult life. Truly a new semester is more than that.

Technically you still have previous grades and courses that you have already taken. That is in the past though.

Hopefully these tips will help you to achieve what you would like to attain academically this semester:

Plan, plan, plan

I had always been the kind of person that didn’t have to study or put much effort into my work in order to pass with sufficient standings. When I got to college, though, I realized that a different mindset could help me achieve new goals.

I have created a new outlook on my schoolwork and how to approach it.

I have actually found that through the combination of putting everything into my planner (both online and hardcopy) right away at the beginning of the semester I am better able to manage my time.

This can help to equally balance work and school because many of us students are balancing a job with our academics.

I also use Blackboard, which was a foreign concept to me until last year. I wasn’t quite sure if it would be something that I would loath or love.

Turns out I am indifferent about the program and have come to using it when I need to be updated on my coursework.

Stay happy, healthy

Social, physical and mental health are important keys to success. Being able to accurately balance going to the gym, attending classes, working, and being social (however you may do so) is an issue that many college students face. Balance is essential.

Waking up early in the morning to get in a good breakfast and some type of physical activity can kick start your day. The release of endorphins will actually help you to better focus and manage your time throughout the day.

Taking a short break to focus on yourself and happiness will also help to create a more successful day.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to micromanage your day, but setting aside specific times and then rewarding yourself with short five minute breaks will help you to more successfully manage your time and health, thus leading to a more successful semester.

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