The Ghosts of Ceres and Minard Hall

Haunted Halls on Campus

Don’t find yourself alone in either building on Halloween night.

Halloween is this week, get into the spooky spirit by strolling around campus at night. Instead of paying a visit to a “haunted house,” North Dakota State’s Ceres and Minard Hall can supply you with real experience, for free.

We’ve all heard the speculation that some of the buildings on campus are haunted. According to the website, Haunted Rooms of America, it’s true. In fact, NDSU’s campus is one of the top eleven haunted places in North Dakota. 

The admissions building, Ceres Hall is just one of the two known buildings containing ghosts on campus. The third floor in particular is where the reports have been made. The ghost suspected to haunt this hall is believed to be a man that died in the 1940s.

If you think that’s spooky, there’s ma be more entities in Ceres. According to Haunted Rooms America, the basement of Ceres Hall holds an evil entity. Upon entering the basement, some claim to be overcome with a strong feeling of fight or flight. 

Minard Hall has been said to hold an abundance of paranormal activity, which suits its spooky history. During the 1920s, the fourth floor of Minard hall was a dance room. Legend has it, one morning a janitor entered the dance room for its daily cleaning; Upon entering, he found two people dead.

To this day, no one knows what happened and the case is still unsolved. Shortly after this event, the dance room was closed and years later and was turned into a lab. Over the years, the floorboards began to give out and the fourth floor had to be completely closed off. To this day, it is still claimed that a strange presence seems to radiate from the fourth floor.

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