Haunting hits and terrifying tracks

Tunes to add to your Halloween playlist

‘Spooky, Scary Skeletons–Undead Tombstone Remix’ has become Andrew Gold’s most popular song on Spotify thanks to TikTok.

Add these spooky spins to your All Hallows Eve playlist to take the scare factor to the next level.

When it comes to Halloween playlists, there are always go-to songs that come standard such as, “Monster Mash,” “Ghostbusters” or “This is Halloween.” The best playlists, however, are those with some fresh or unexpected tracks thrown in.

‘Spooky, Scary Skeletons– Undead Tombstone Remix’

Forgive me for starting out this list of recommendations with a TikTok famous song. Hear me out.

This remix is specifically made to bring the song into the 21st century. The original is a lot the same, but sounds a little more like a Halloween track your dad would sing to you when you were little to try and scare you.

The original was released in 1996, and the tempo is much slower. Probably the most surprising thing about the song is actually the artist himself.

Andrew Gold is the original singer/songwriter of the famous Golden Girls theme “Thank You For Being a Friend.” The song was released on his 1978 album “All This and Heaven Too.”

‘Dancing with Mr. D’

Given this song is by The Rolling Stones your first guess for who Mr. D is maybe more amorous than reality. Once you hear the lyrics it is clear who Mr. D is– the Devil, himself.

Mick Jagger describes his encounter with the King of Hell in the opening verse of the “Goat Head Soup” track: “The air smells sweet, the air smells sick. He never smiles, his mouth merely twists. The breath in my lungs feels clinging and thick, but I know his name. He’s called Mr. D.”

‘Am I Demon?’

Ron Gallo is one of my favorite current garage alternative bands. He has the grit of garage rock with a punk mentality that is very addicting.

Off of his 2017 EP “Temporary Slave”, “Am I Demon?” shows a man unsure of where he fits into a world of self-invested people in power and their brainwashed masses.

Gallo laments, “Hordes of faces, empty eyes, I see nothing new. Seasoned schemes of slimy curs offer up their flu. Am I beast or am I human, am I just like you?”

‘Devil Inside’

A classic INXS song for really any time of the year, “Devil Inside” is the perfect upbeat, kind of sexy Halloween song.

Maybe Michael Hutchence was right when he sang “Devil inside, the devil inside, every single one of us, the devil inside.”

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