The bomba squad wins the Central

The 2019 Twins have been one of the most fun teams in franchise history

On August 12, the Indians beat the Twins to take a half-game lead in the AL Central Division. This was the first time the Twins were not in the division lead since June 4.

The very next day the Twins played the Brewers. The Twins blew a three-run lead in the 7th inning and found themselves down a run going into the 8th. The Twins desperately needed a spark.

Marwin Gonzalez stepped into the box for the Twins. There were two on, two out with Josh Hader, one of the premier bullpen pitchers in the game on the mound for Milwaukee.

Hader delivered a 96 mph fastball over the middle of the plate and Marwin did not miss it. He sent the ball flying over the left-center field fence, giving the Twins the lead back, this time for good.

The Indians lost their game against Boston that night, giving the Twins the division lead back.

That game served as a great representation for the Twins season. They got off to a hot start and were cruising. As the game began to wind down, the Twins faltered and blew a lead. Then they responded by hitting a bomb to put them back on top.

It was a game that had a roller coaster of emotions but ultimately had the Twins left standing.

The Twins mashed, crushed and bombarded their way to a playoff spot in 2019. The ‘bomba squad’ has hit more home runs and scored more runs this season than in any other season in team history, and it is not even close.

Prior to this season, the Twins had been abysmal in the years since their last division title. In that span, the Twins lost over 700 games and were over .500 in only two seasons.

Perhaps the best part of this season for Twins fans is how out of nowhere it seemed to come. Before the season started, the Twins brought in a new manager Rocco Baldelli, aging star Nelson Cruz and a few guys like Marwin Gonzalez and C.J. Cron that were just looking for a fresh start.

They were expected to be better than before, but the Cleveland Indians were still supposed to win the division handily.

Over 300 home runs and 100 wins later, and the 2019 Twins transformed themselves into the most fun and electric baseball team Minnesota fans can remember.

There have been plenty of good teams that have come through the Twins Cities, but none that seemed to score or had a flare for the dramatic like these Twins.

Not only did they win, but the way they won was fun. They weren’t going out and winning pitchers duels in games that featured multiple bunts and a handful of extra bases. No, these Twins hit homer after homer after homer and could leave teams trailing by six or more runs before the 3rd inning.

Now this team is not perfect. Far from it. Their bullpen was spotty early on, and their starting pitching is pretty thin. They have suffered some injuries, and even blew an 11.5 game lead in the division at one point.

However, these Twins are as resilient as they come.

They seemed to want to go out and battle until the last out. They looked like they were enjoying themselves and were great teammates. This was something new for Twins fans.

This new regime was all about scoring in bunches and keeping a consistent approach at the plate throughout the game. Players were being asked to come to ballpark later to help give them a little rest across the 162-game marathon of a season. It was like a breath of fresh air for Twins fans.

Target Field has not hosted a playoff game in almost a decade. Now the Twins get to play October baseball in front of their home fans. It has been a special season already, but the Twins have an opportunity to make this season one that fans will not forget.

The Twins opponent in the AL Divisional Series starting next Friday will be the Yankees. Five out of the last six times the Twins have made the playoffs, it has been the Yankees who have eliminated them.

Maybe this time it will be different. Perhaps the Twins can exorcise some demons and take down New York. Minnesota sports teams do not typically bring fans much happiness. If the Twins find a way to beat the Yankees, all the pain from the previous eliminations might just go away.

For Twins fans, it is time to believe.

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