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Crackhead energy

The trendy phrase for weird and fun behavior

People are more fun to be around on crackhead energy.

“Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?” – Inside Out

I think most people use the term “crackhead energy” for those thoughts and actions that seem impossible to understand.

My friends and I use this trendy, overused word “crackhead” as a label for the outrageous amount of energy we use to do risky, stupid and unforgettable things that define our college experience. From the time we wake up to when we eventually decide to go to bed (if we do decide to go to bed), we make abnormal decisions as a way to make someone’s day, push the limits or simply push ourselves. This is crackhead energy.

At this age, the phrase represents that weird intensity we have that makes us grow and strive to experience life to the fullest extent. With crackhead energy, you are never left dreading your regrets or missing out on an opportunity to learn from mistakes. The behavior is common from online influencers, and hey, a lot of us probably think the behavior makes us worthy to influence ourselves (but people really do think crackhead energy is funny). It’s hard not to find the thoughts going through our brains and the actions we make hilarious when we really don’t care most of the time.

One of the downsides of crackhead energy is that while allowing us to spend time doing dumb things, it also leaves a lot of people broke. It turns out doing things on a whim can get expensive. Despite this, it’s always fun to watch people expressing their crackhead energy through Tik Toc and Snapchat videos. It’s fun to inspire others and to be inspired by expanding our thoughts and keeping an open mind.

I highly encourage you to take part in this fun-filled phrase: say and do whatever comes to mind, drink a lot of coffee, take risks and find people that accept those things you do so you can take part in as much crackhead energy as you want. Please though, be cautious and offensive while on your crackhead energy!

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