The Best Dinner Conversation Topics

From Feet to Finances

I’ve been to a TON of family events over the past few months (anyone else’s family happens to crowd most of their birthdays into a few weeks, not to mention we have Christmas right in the middle of it all?)
No matter what family event you may be at, there are times when the conversation seems to stall or die out flat. Talking to people you have known your entire life can be challenging, especially if you don’t have much in common, or else you run out of things to discuss.

So how do you overcome these embarrassing moments where you just don’t know what to say? Can we overcome the age-old struggle of conducting a lively conversation? For all the time I’ve spent with my family, I can attest that these few conversation topics will have your relatives begging for more. YOU will be the one that your relatives will be yearning to invite back again and again!

Here are five methods to keep the conversation rolling and draw you closer to your family.

Number Five: Finances

I know you may not have much of an idea about the income of your family members, but what better way to find out than to ask? Be sure to speak loudly and let everyone know how much your rich uncle makes compared to your bum cousin who still lives in his parent’s basement…and his father also happens to be the rich uncle. Also, make note of your grandpa’s social security check so you can find out if he really can afford those random buckets of junk he keeps buying at the auction. Start a conversation about who gets the buckets of junk in the will if you so desire.

Number Four: Appearance

Comment on how everyone looks, what they’re wearing, and how it looks on them. Make sure to point out how bald your uncle has gotten since the last time you saw him, and is your aunt’s hair just a bit grayer? Oh, well. It can’t be any worse than how much weight your cousin put on since he went away to college.

Number Three: Feet

This conversation topic is only appropriate over dinner, and with all the pre-teen boys joining in. Bunions, blisters, fungus, toenails. If it pertains to feet, it’s important. Taking off shoes and socks to compare feet is optional, but highly recommended.

Around the table is the best time to get a word in edgewise

Number Two: Talk about yourself

Just you. Everyone is obviously fascinated with every detail of your life that they have missed since the last family event you attended and it would be rude to leave them in the dark. From your sleeping habits to your love life, don’t leave any detail unturned. Bonus points if you outline your stats homework and demonstrate the proper methods to solving every equation (even if you still don’t know how to solve it properly – they won’t know that). And, the moment you have all been waiting for…

Number One: Politics

This one may be obvious to everyone, but it is so important! Ask everyone who they voted for in the elections. This is especially important since we just passed the midterms, but also compare everyone’s votes from the 2020 election. Make spreadsheets. Take notes. Make predictions for 2024. Most important, find all this data out before the meal is served and strive to put the opposing views next to each other, then start the conversation after everyone is arranged as such. Trust me – this one will really draw your family together!

Easter is right around the corner, my cousin is getting married this summer, and we still have a few more birthdays to go before my family ceases serving cake until fall. Some or all of these five conversation topics will definitely make for an unforgettable event. If you want to make your mark and be endeared to those you love best, try them out! Take it from me – you will make for a completely unforgettable family meal!

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