Spring Semester is Here

The 2017 spring semester is here. Unfortunately, that puts a halt to binge-watching Netflix series, drinking “cool-aid” with relatives and indulging in unholy amounts of Grandma’s irresistible goodies.

Yes, the winter break is over. Time to retire the sweatpants and actually give a crap. But don’t let the idea of a new semester get you down in the dumps, 2017 has a lot to offer.

Super Bowl LI

Sports fan or not, there is no escaping football in America.

With the playoffs underway, anticipation inches to the summit as we get closer to knowing which two teams will go head-to-head.

Luring in a mind-boggling average of over 110 million viewers for the past three years, it’s baffling how Super Bowl Sunday isn’t a nationally recognized holiday.

Sporting an overpriced team jersey, kicking it with family and friends and ganging up with fellow fans to shout colorful insults at the TV when refs make seemingly unjustifiable calls all wrap the Super Bowl into a memorable, exciting event; one you surely won’t want miss. Super Bowl LI kicks off Feb. 5.

‘Game of Thrones’ season seven

Winter is coming. As a matter of fact, winter is already here, but the new season of “Game of Thrones” has yet to come.

Announced last year, the hit series faces its end with the release of only two more seasons. A gut-busting blow to die-hard fans, myself included, but all the more reason to become fully immersed in the final 17 episodes (presuming season eight consists of 10 episodes).

Season seven airs June 25, giving you approximately three months to confirm the conviction that it is not too late to catch up on the show’s thrilling story and unforgettable “Did that just freakin’ happen?” moments.

There’s plenty of sword-swinging, dragon-flying, house-deceiving action to be experienced before the 25th rolls around. Get ready, season seven is coming.

New Eminem album      

Whispering from ear to ear are rumors of a new Eminem album set to drop in 2017. Although it has not officially been confirmed that a new album will be released by the famous rapper, fans have their fingers and toes tightly crossed.

Rumor has it the new album may even feature songs in collaboration with Madonna and Adele. To this day, I am still caught singing the words “mom’s spaghetti” whenever “Lose Yourself” makes its appearance on Pandora.

Let’s just hope the hype is real and Eminem serves us a fresh plate of Debbie Mather’s special sometime this year.

Nintendo Switch

Since the birth of the iconic NES, Nintendo continues to develop consoles aimed at enhancing the video game experience. Perhaps the most intriguingly designed console thus far comes this year: the Nintendo Switch.

The Switch features a portable screen with two attachable controllers that, when combined, form a handheld gamepad. TV connection is made possible by the included docking station, conveniently giving owners the options of at home or on-the-go play.

Nintendo finally unveiled the specific release date to the public: the Switch will hit stores on March 3, along with “Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

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