‘Sense8:’ Not Just a Netflix Show, It’s a Movement

Those voices you hear in your head from time to time, or all the time? What if I told you, those voices are seven other individuals living their life just like you.

“Sense8” centers around eight people who are mentally and emotionally linked. They all face a great risk that can get them killed.

In my opinion:

There is a lot to talk about with this show.

This show is a great example of how far we, as a society, have come when considering so many controversial topics.

“Sense8” surrounds multiple topics like the LGTBQ+ community, drugs, interracial couples, economic standards and cultures. Each character comes from a completely different background but they learn from each other. We, as an audience, get to see how other people from different cultures interact.

Each individual has their own set of skills, which is something we can see in society. Each character helps each other within their group depending on the needed skill. It is like a perfect society working together to achieve a bigger goal without hate or judgment.

I believe this show does a great job at showing a small-scale, perfect society, where everyone is treated equally. They all support each other whenever they need it and it is great to see that.

The plot and overall “umbrella” of the show does get confusing from time to time. We learn along with the actors in the show.

The reason it is confusing is because each character learns different information depending on their situation. There is an overall theme of this bad guy who is trying to destroy the sense8 group, but we don’t know much about him and everything we know only comes from one of the eight storylines.

In my opinion, the reason this show is great is because the target audience Netflix has is mainly young people who are already growing in this changing society. The more the show gains popularity, the more awareness it brings to society making it easier for younger generations to learn about all the positive changes that can come in the future.

I would recommend this show to anyone from all walks of life. It is a great example of what a society can look like. It’s an eye-opening show because it covers topics most shows are afraid to discuss. The fact that they target so many “problematic” topics affecting society now without fear of hatred is what makes this show respectable.

Watch season one and part of season two on Netflix now. The rest of season two will be fully uploaded on May 5.

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