Spooky Games to play this Halloween

Some of the best spooky games or game modes to check out

Tight corridors and spooky hallways fill the ‘Resident Evil 2’ remake.

It is national spook day, or as most people call it, Halloween. Time to put on your costume and celebrate the spooky night.

The problem is that, unlike ten years ago, social standards claim we cannot go trick or treating anymore. So, we are left with either going to a Halloween party or watching a spooky movie. But instead, what about playing a spooky game?

There are many spooky games on the market that you can play. Some non-spooky games even have spooky modes. Here are some highlights.

‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Ewok Hunt

Imagine you are a stormtrooper trying desperately to escape the forest moon of Endor after the rebels blew up the second death star. It is the dead of night and all you have is a limited flashlight and a slow firing gun.

You can’t see anything and are waiting for the ship to come pick you up. Then you hear the noise in the trees, “Yub Nub! Zug Zug!,” the dreaded noises of the Ewoks. Then they charge and pick you off one by one, each one they kill joins their ranks.

This is the terrifying game mode of Ewok Hunt. As your friends drop dead and join the ranks of the Ewoks, you are left with very little options but to run. As you see a swarm of ten Ewoks running after you, you’ll know it is over.

Stormtroopers can see nothing, Ewoks can see everything and can smell out the Stormtroopers. This will have you thrilled and scared for hours.

‘Resident Evil 2’

The classic survival horror game by Capcom has been rebuilt from the ground up. Zombies roam the streets of Racoon city and have entered the police department.

You must fight to survive in tight corridors and solve cryptic puzzles. The zombies are out there hunting, you best be careful.

Make sure to save your resources, as you are going to need them. The zombies aren’t playing.

‘Blair Witch’

Armed with a flickering flashlight, you must track down a missing child. The child seems to have gone missing in some pretty freaky and horrifying woods.

Why would any child wander this way?

You uncover disturbing secrets and piece-together found footage to find the child. You may even stumble upon scenes that are sure to fill you with nightmares.

The only one keeping you company is a faithful companion, Bullet. He will provide companionship when he is not sniffing around or growling at monsters.

Give him a few pets if you are scared.

‘Alien Isolation’

Ever wanted to feel like you are in the movie “Alien”? Well, now you can.

Taking place on an abandoned space station, you must evade the Xenomorph patrolling the corridors if you want to survive.

It cannot be killed, so you must find new ways to escape it every time it gets close. This creates a terrifying cat–and–mouse game.

The empty corridors will surely haunt your dreams as they are filled with dairies and messages from the former residents of this space station.

The Xenomorph may be waiting around the corner to pounce.

‘Until Dawn’

More of an interactive horror movie than a video game, players must make decisions that will impact the fate of the different characters.

Each action can mean either life or death for each character and the number who survive is entirely based on the choices you make.

A monster is pursuing the group at a creepy cabin in the woods (cabins in woods are never good ideas). Drama, horror and death fill this game.

Taking eight hours to complete, that is just enough time to play it for the entirety of Halloween.

There are so many other spooky games that you can play during Halloween, but these were just some highlights.

Who needs a party or spooky movie when you can play in a horror story?

To get the full effect of these games, make sure to turn off all your lights and turn up the volume. You won’t be able to sleep for weeks.

Happy Halloween.

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