Five haunted places in North Dakota

The Fort Abraham Lincoln Custer House

Places to visit, if you dare

If you are someone who loves to explore buildings that have ghost stories, then North Dakota doesn’t disappoint. Here are a few interesting locations that have had some mysterious sightings in the past.

Fort Abraham Lincoln Custer House

Located in Mandan, the Fort Abraham Lincoln Custer House was built by General George Armstrong Custer and his wife Elizabeth Bacon Custer. The house was never really occupied by General Custer since he died during the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876. It is reported that his upset wife still wanders the house looking for her husband. According to Haunted Rooms America, visitors witness flickering lights, opening and closing doors and hear voices when they tour the house. People have also reported seeing Mrs. Custer’s ghost who is always seen wearing a black mourning dress.

Liberty Memorial Building

It is believed that the Liberty Memorial Building in Bismarck was once haunted by a ghost known as the ‘Sack Monster’. Though there have been no reports of the ghost since 1981 when the Historical Society moved to a different location, past employers still recall their sightings of him. One employee during the time reported seeing him leave the building as she says she saw the main door open and close all by itself right before the Historical Society relocated. Current employers welcome the ‘Stack Monster’ back and have even created a security badge for him that sits on the main desk. When the ‘Stack Monster’ was present, there was an unexplained activity that included shadows, footsteps and voices heard throughout the building.

The Children’s Museum

Located right here in Fargo at Yunker Farm is the Children’s Museum which is housed in an old farmhouse that dates back to 1876. According to the blog, ‘Theresa’s Haunted History of the Tri-State’, the interactive museum is said to be haunted by Elizabeth Yunker who visitors have claimed to see upstairs where the majority of children activities take place. Other people have reportedly seen a young girl standing near a well on their visit. It is believed that the child drowned in that exact well many years ago. For those who have approached the well, they report feeling short of breath and chest pains, what they believe the little girl experienced before her death. Along with ghost sightings, employees say that the elevator tends to operate on its own at times.

St. Joseph’s Hospital

The hospital, located in Dickinson, is said to be haunted after employees have reported numerous paranormal activity throughout the building. Employees claim that the elevator leading down to the morgue often works by itself. In the morgue, workers have seen the doors open by themselves even though they can only be opened from inside of the morgue unless someone has a key. Haunted Rooms America reports that a room on the third floor is believed to have a ghostly patient that has never actually left the room. On nights that the room is unoccupied, the nurse’s call button is pressed frequently. Other scary encounters include voices in the cafeteria and running footsteps in the basement.

Totten Trail Historic Inn

Some can say this is the Stanley Hotel of North Dakota. The Totten Trail Historic Inn, which is located in Saint Michael, was once living quarters for officers and their families in the late nineteenth century. People who have stayed at the bed and breakfast say they’ve encountered multiple ghosts claiming some have followed them around. The spirits that haunt the building are thought to be men and women who died before major renovation work took place at the Inn. Haunted Rooms America claims that the Inn is one of the most haunted places in the state.

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