Second Annual Juried Undergraduate Art Exhibition

North Dakota State’s visual arts department celebrated their second annual juried art exhibition at the Memorial Union Gallery Tuesday, May 1.

The purpose of the exhibition was to celebrate the achievements the students at NDSU had made throughout the year. Professors from each discipline juried the selection process for the exhibition. Netha Cloeter, director of education and social engagement at the Plains Art Museum, then juried the pieces for presentations of scholarships and awards.

A lesser known aspect of the Memorial Union Gallery is that it is not limited to just the gallery space itself. It actually begins in the hallway of the second floor at the top of the stairs in order to draw students into the creative works their fellow alumni have created within the exhibition.

Starting off the evening, department head Michael Strand welcomed everyone and then announced the winners of several academic scholarships. The scholarships were then followed by the second speaker, Cloeter, juror of this year’s exhibition.

“I was honored to be the juror,” Cloeter remarked. “The work is extremely strong … from afar it becomes really evident that the program is as strong as it’s ever been. I think that’s a testament to a couple things. First, to the students … it’s also a testament to the faculty … and to having a space like this, the Memorial Union Gallery.”

Cloeter understands what it’s like to be a student at NDSU in the arts department and the community that is built within. She commented on how great art school is and how much the students will miss it when they’re gone. “The one thing that’s always struck me about NDSU is that it is student focused. Students remain the center of anything that happens here,” Cloeter said.

Cloeter struggled to find a defined unifying theme of the works featured in the exhibit due to the diversity of work and how it resists being categorized.

“To grow up with the internet, I think, really has an impact on the work and the vision of what’s being made in the department,” Cloeter explained when she couldn’t help but notice a generational theme among the pieces.

Strand wrapped up the evening with the awards ceremony, which featured three Honorable Mentions and one Best in Show.

When asked what it means to be a part of the program and to win Best in Show, Ryan Gapp commented, “It’s a great honor. I greatly appreciate the honor. Everyone had good work, and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Honorable mentions: Vada Murphy, Ben Neyers, Emma Beatrez

Best in Show: Ryan Gapp

The 2018 Baccalaureate exhibition will be on display in the Memorial Union Gallery until June 2.

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