Quick costume ideas

Last minute ideas for the Halloween procrastinators

It’s the day of Halloween and yikes, you have nothing to wear. Good thing there’s a plethora of last minute costume ideas to pick from, Here are just a few ideas that’ll save you from being the lame one at the party.

Fifty Shades of Gray

Be fifty shades of gray by going into Home Depot or Lowes and grabbing various shades of paper paint colors and sticking them on the t-shirt. Ta-da, you’re the PG version of fifty shades of Gray.

Rosie the Riveter

Most of you may know her as the female flexing her arm with the emboldened words above her stating, “We can do it!” Complete this look by wearing a blue/jean collared shirt and a red bandana wrapped around your head.

A new age of elderly

Everybody has old pajama bottoms or a nightdress. Pair that with ankle socks, slippers and reading glasses to complete the look of the elderly. If wanting to upgrade the look to be even more convincing, buy a gray wig and impersonate your favorite old person for the rest of the night.

Danny from Grease

You might just find your own Sandy tonight with this look. Simply wear the black leather jacket you have hung up in your closet, pair it with a white t-shirt and jeans with your hair slicked back.


Do you remember the commercial with the man buttoned up in a red plaid shirt and blue jeans swearing that his paper towels will clean up the mess? If you find yourself being the one that always has to fix a messy situation, being Brawny might be perfect for you this Halloween. Don’t forget the paper towels.

Regina George

You know the scene, where Janis goes into the girl’s locker room and cuts circles around Regina George’s tank top? If you’re wanting to be one of the girls who utters, “You can’t sit with us.” Simply, cut out circles on a t-shirt, straighten your hair, and wear a skirt and tights. Boom, a simple but iconic look in Mean Girls.

Charlie Brown

Buy a piece of black fabric and cut out a zig-zagged line from it. Attach it onto a yellow t-shirt and draw a black 2-looped squiggle on your forehead (Charlie’s hair) and you’ll be ready to join the rest of the Peanuts on your night out!

Queen of Hearts

Spread out a deck of cards and glue them together. Once dry, fold them to fit around your neck to act as a collar. Complete with red eye makeup and black clothing. With this look, Alice will be running away from you with fright.

Hopefully one of these costumes will help you on the quick search to make a costume to enjoy the rest of the night.

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