NDSU Students Prep for Unemployment Expo

Spirits are high and collars pressed as Billy Bison preps for his big day tomorrow. Of course, Mr. Bison is going to the biannual North Dakota State University Unemployment Expo.

“Really a forward-thinking decision on NDSU’s part.” Bison, a senior majoring in ant family sciences, told me that he was “fed up” with all the buzz surrounding the Career Fair.

“Who goes to college to make money? I went to follow my dreams.”

“I have no idea what a career is; that hasn’t come up in any of my classes.” Bison told me that he looks forward to the more practical applications he can obtain from the Unemployment Expo.

“I’m looking forward to the lecture on how to microwave meals for one, and I am looking forward to picking up some information about asking my parents for money.” Bison, an active member on campus and 4.0 GPA holder tells me that he has prepared heavily for his future unemployment.

“I already have practiced obtaining credit card debt.” Bison, who grew up in suburban Shorewood, Minnesota, tells me his parents couldn’t be any prouder of him and his accomplishments.

“My mom asked me if I wanted to move in together with her after college and never leave.” Bison told me he has heard the words “resume building and relevant work experiences” uttered recently from his classmates, but still hasn’t decided what to make of it.

Bison, like many other college students, looks forward to the hardest thing they have every accomplished — getting a college degree — to be followed by a period of time questioning whether it was all worth it.

Bison, however, doesn’t succumb to negativity.

“Who goes to college to make money? I went to follow my dreams.”

Bison, like many other students, hopes to find the future they have worked so hard to avoid at the Unemployment Expo. Whether that is learning how to make GoFundMe pages or applying for jobs outside of their career field that pay significantly less than their expectations, Bison is looking forward to the future.

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Last updated: 9/26/18 9:38 a.m..

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