National Bucket List Day

Now’s the time to do something you’ve always wanted to try

Everyone has a bucket list. Whether it’s official or not, long or short, even if it’s only one thing, you can call it a bucket list.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a bucket list is a list of activities—whether it be events to attend, sights to see, a new experience or a place to visit—that an individual wants to accomplish before a certain time, or at least once in a lifetime.

April 24 is National Bucket List Day in honor of all the goals we hope to achieve. We all have dreams or something we hope to achieve in life. They can be traditional milestones such as graduating high school or college, getting married or getting a full-time job. Most people have at least one place on earth they would like to visit and experience, which can be added to the list.

For us college students, something we may have already added to our lists would probably be to graduate college and land our dream job or work towards something close to it. Some of us may have grad school in mind, as well. If this is you, you can congratulate yourself! You are already on your way towards this goal, and I encourage you to keep working hard!

Travel is often what makes up a lot of someone’s bucket list. As someone who hasn’t left the Midwest, I personally would like to hit all the lower 48 states and see the ocean. If you are already well-traveled, at least there’s another event to cross off your list! Adding a few new places you’re thinking of is a great idea, especially with summer closing in fast and travel opportunities opening up.

Other ideas to try out could be experiencing a new cuisine, trying an adventurous activity such as skydiving or scuba diving, learning a new language, learning to play a musical instrument or watching a movie you’ve never seen.

Add April 24 to your calendar and try out something that’s on your bucket list! Or take the opportunity to add a few things to the list. Don’t have your list written down? What better time to do it? Be sure if you share pictures of your experience to social media that you add #NationalBucketListDay, as this holiday was created by the National Day Calendar and they would love to see you honor their holiday!

Keep dreaming big.

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