My frighteningly bad fantasy team

Injuries and poor drafting have led to awful start to this fantasy season

The most frightening thing about this spooky season is how bad my fantasy team has been. For a team that can sometimes put-up big numbers, I haven’t really found my stride yet, as I am currently in last place at 1-6.

Now, I strongly believe that I drafted horribly. My first pick of the draft was Lamar Jackson, who has been a solid quarterback throughout the season. He consistently puts up good numbers averaging around 23.7 points. But, I don’t think it was the smartest to draft him first, as I should have gone for a running back early.

Last week, my team narrowly lost to my adversary 108-130, and yet it still doesn’t give me much hope. For whatever reason, I decided to start the Denver Broncos’s receiver Tim Patrick who delivered a 3.6-point performance. I should’ve done my research and seen that Denver’s quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, wasn’t exactly the healthiest man alive.

My team has just been atrocious at staying healthy this season with a lot of guys going down with big time injuries. The most prominent injury hitting my team this season was Raheem Mostert. Mostert was one of my top sleeper picks, and I had high hopes for the up and coming running back. However, after a costly knee injury early in the season, Mostert announced that he would need season ending knee surgery as this was what was best for his long-term playing career.

One of the things that really hurt me was that Clyde Edwards-Helaire went down with an MCL sprain.  The injury will leave my team without Edwards-Helaire for at least a couple more of weeks. I understand that he hasn’t always been the most productive runner, but before his injury he was showing promising signs. Edwards-Helaire scored 19.4 points for my team before getting injured week five when the Chiefs were slaughtered by Buffalo.

Broncos’s receiver Jerry Jeudy also went down after suffering an ankle injury that has kept him out for most of the season. Jeudy was going to be one of the more productive wide receivers on my team, but his injury hasn’t given me much hope for him this season.

I also was banking on some riskier players coming off the draft. I picked up Michael Thomas late in the draft hoping that he would be able to recover from his injury, but much to my dismay he hasn’t recovered yet. So, I was forced to drop him from team in week three. 

Another risky player I thought was going to have a fantastic season was Will Fuller IV. Fuller has been battling a broken finger throughout much of the season. He did however get some snaps in weeks three and four, but only was able to get a total of 8.6-points. 

Throughout all the chaos this season, I still have hope for my fantasy team. Although every week seems to be more and more difficult to get a win. On the bright side we are only halfway through the season, and there is still a lot of football to be played.

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