Strange occurrences on the seventh floor

Questionable happenings take place in a former resident’s dorm

Photo Courtesy | Anne Kesler
Photograph of Sevrinson Hall at NDSU.

In the 2020 edition of the Spooktrum, an article stated NDSU’s campus had at least two locations with reports of strange happenings. After a talk with a former Sevrinson resident, a third location has been revealed.

Sevrinson Hall was one of the first two highrises to be built on NDSU’s campus in 1967. With the first floor being used for lounging, recreation and living quarters for the head resident, the remaining eight floors are reserved for student housing.

Throughout the years there have been no documented reports of anything spooky going on, except maybe their kitchen in the basement, but that remains a different kind of spooky. That is until one former resident said something strange occurred not one, but two times while living in their dorm on the seventh floor.

One occurrence happened right before they left for Thanksgiving break.

“I had a container of Clorox wipes sitting on top of my luggage for days,” said the former resident. “At about two in the morning, I grabbed my phone to turn on my flashlight so I could toss my AirPods onto my recliner. As soon as I shined the light on the container, it fell onto the floor and rolled underneath my bed.”

The second occurrence took place around the same time on a different night. The resident was lying in bed when their closet door suddenly opened without anyone else being in the room.

Sevrinson’s closets use magnets to keep the doors shut. Some magnets have worn out over the years while others stick like superglue.

“Those were the only two instances, but they seemed a little out of the ordinary,” the resident said.

Coincidentally, years before the resident lived in the dorm a nonresident happened to pass away on Sevrinson’s seventh floor, according to local news reports.

Whether the Clorox wipes fell on their own or the opening of the closet door was from a magnet malfunction remains a mystery.

As for the other two locations on campus, both Ceres Hall and Minard Hall have had multiple reports of strange occurrences over the years. Ceres Hall even had paranormal investigators, Charles Dosh and Shawn O’Donnell of FM Paranormal, visit on Halloween night in 2007.

“As I was doing some EVP work, I noticed a shadow on the corner right by one of the doors [started] moving in and out, then all of a sudden took off. I went right over and found that it was really cold right by the wall where the shadow was seen,” O’Donnell said in the investigative report on their website.

Unfortunately, their documented experiences can no longer be watched as their website appears to have been taken down.

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