MoTiVaTiOnAl SpEaKeRs

A New and Better Perspective

“Do what you want to do. Figure out what you want to do, and what you are passionate about, then do it. The world is yours. You should not worry about what others are saying about you. Be yourself. Believing in yourself is important to be successful. Do not change yourself for others. You are unique.” These are exactly what I have heard from almost every motivational speaker. I am so motivated now that I live in a world that is mine, where I can be myself without regulating and caring about my actions, painting my life with whatever color I want.

On this note, allow me to reflect on my desires and aspirations. Yeah! I want to sleep and eat. To eat, you have to cook. When it is to cooking, believe me, I am Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Whether to cook or not to cook is the question that runs in my head and minds like a tiger chasing a deer in the wild. Cooking is an art that needs time, dedication, and skills. So, to have delicious food at my table, I know all that I have to do is figure out what I want to eat. Food will be in front of me.

I have also figured out what I want to do with my life. Traveling to different countries without spending any money is what I want to do in my life. This week, I want to be in the Maldives, and next week, in Greece. Honestly, I have figured it out. But I could not figure out who the person is going to bear all the expenses of my trips. However, that should not be my concern. My concern is to figure out what I want to do with my life. Wait! Every country in the world should pay me to visit because I am one in a million. Sometimes, I feel so special that I should be kept in a museum as the ultimate sample of talent, determination, perseverance, etc.

This world is mine. It is so mine that every morning I want to change the schedule of Matbus. The bus drivers are annoying because they do not stop even when they see that I am not on the bus. Spending money to buy groceries at Walmart and Aldi gives me heartache. As this whole world is mine, what am I supposed to spend money for? Am I not entitled to get all the things that this world has? In my kitty bag, I should own all the products, from Smashbox to Chanel.

I am being myself. My professors are going to be mad at me if I do not write my assignment, or read the assignment sheets. But I do not care. I am going to explore my inner self and produce something they can not even imagine. They have a class at 5 pm and I will miss that. I think that is how being yourself works. My professors cannot be a dictator and rule my life. My heart wants what it wants. I will go to their class at 8 pm, knowing that their class ends at 7:30 pm. Grading my paper in their class is another thing that I wish to do. As long as it is my paper, I should have the right to grade it and bless my life with another A grade. If it is my paper, then I should give myself the much-needed feedback to improve the paper. Talking to my professors in my mother tongue, which they do not know, is also what I need to do to assert myself.

Listening to others’ advice is too mainstream. I have to create my stream where everything will flow at its own pace. When the stream gets overflowed, flooding may occur. But who cares? Whoever has advice for me should know that I do not take others’ suggestions. Keep your two cents to yourself. I am not going to pay any heed to your guidelines.

No matter what, I believe in myself. To get unicorns, I do not have to travel to mystical forests, meadows, or mountains. Do not get me wrong. I do want unicorns, but I don’t want to have to go on a quest to find them. Can’t they just come to me like pizza delivery? Choosing a color for my unicorns is tough and time-consuming. Can’t I have my very own unicorns, not in white but in different colors? Fairies will be at my service and help me go anywhere I want. My sky will illuminate with rainbows, and that’s even anytime I want. I just have to have faith in myself that this is going to happen right in front of my eyes.

I am so unique that I am thinking about walking on my hands. Everyone walks on foot. Too generic! My thinking process is also one-of-a-kind. For the last few days, I have been contemplating selling my house and living in a forest, with wifi, my cell phone, and my laptop. Living with others in a society is not for me. Mundane life is boring and conventional.

Changing myself! No, I am not going to change myself. They say “don’t change yourself. Let the world accept you for who you are”. I will remain that annoying self who listens to music loudly, interferes with others’ life, backbites about people when they are not around, watches movies at midnight with the speaker on, leaves the apartment door open, keeps the stove on, spreads lies about people who helped me before, etc. I am so damn precious that this world and its people have to change them to accept and have me on this earth. To be honest, my existence is a gift to the world, and it should appreciate my worth.

In a nutshell, everyone and everything has to subscribe to my thoughts. This world should know how to nurture, appreciate, and protect a gem like me. I am grateful to all the motivational speakers who let me know my worth, which is what I have no idea about. Words fall short to describe how indebted I am to them as they have taught me to be selfish and entitled. My final words for all of you are to value yourself, even if it invites narcissism in your life.

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