Minnesota, North Dakota Rank in Top Five States

U.S. News and World Report has ranked Minnesota and North Dakota as the third and fourth best overall states in the nation, respectively.

“One reason we’re ranked so high is North Dakota nice, it seems like everybody (in the cities) is just thinking about themselves. North Dakotans will go out of their way. Also the oil field out west brought a lot of jobs,” Bradyn Horgan, a freshman studying construction management and North Dakota native, said.
North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum said in a press release North Dakota’s top-five position “is a testament to the state’s innovative and hardworking people and a strong commitment to health, education and the economy from leaders at all levels.”
Burgum added there is recognition of room for improvement, which “begins with creating vibrant cities, diversifying our economy and reinventing government to be more efficient and responsive to citizens.”
Minnesota ranked third in health care, 11th in education, 17th in crime and corrections, fifth in infrastructure, second in opportunity, 12th in economy and 24th in government.

North Dakota ranked 19th in health care, 16th in education, 15th in crime and corrections, sixth in infrastructure, seventh in opportunity, second in economy and seventh in government.

The rankings were out of all 50 states.

“Not only were we ranked number four overall, but number one in rising economy. I believe a lot of that came from oil … (North Dakota is) fourth in government efficiency and I think in comparison to the U.S. N.D. is more middle Republican to Republican,” Jade Hepper, a freshman studying political science and North Dakota native, said.

“I’m not surprised that Minnesota’s ranked third because I’ve lived there my whole life and I know it’s a fantastic state. There’s plenty of job opportunities, I see people are happy, and the cities are kept clean,” Aeron Jahr, a sophomore studying electrical engineering and Minnesota native, said.

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