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Ask any college student about her style and you’ll most likely hear the word “comfortable” mentioned.

We tend to dress casually and prioritize comfort over style, but putting together unique, fashionable outfits on the regular doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice comfort. For confirmation of this theory, just take a look at hipster style.

Casual vintage-inspired outfits can be manipulated to fit almost anyone’s personal style, potentially mixing in bohemian, edgy, retro, grunge, classic or athletic styles into an overall hipster-themed ensemble. It’s all about combining casual pieces together with flair.

Use these three looks as jumping off points for incorporating a comfy vintage vibe into your everyday look.

Look 1: Retro aesthetic

KEYONA ELKINS | PHOTO COURTESY Look 2: Upgraded jeans and tee

Whether you wear actual vintage items or just those with a vintage look, it’s easy to mix retro styles with more modern pieces. This particular outfit meshes sweet and sassy with a 1950s-meets-grunge look. Plaid shirts are a hipster staple, but a textured gingham tank makes the outfit more polished.

To keep it from looking too proper, an oversized denim jacket, sheer black tights and distressed combat boots edge up the outfit, while a soft button-front skirt keeps it comfy. Layering shorts with tights is an alternative if you’re not big on skirts.

These chill yet stylish outfits also let you pile on the accessories, like a just-for-looks watch, stacked rings and delicate layered necklaces.

Look 2: Upgraded jeans and tee


The good old jeans and T-shirt pairing is a timeless go-to, but how you style it is what shows personality.

For a hipster vibe, rock some ’90s high-waisted mom jeans — seriously, they’re back and they’re cool now — and tuck in a tee of your choice. You could choose a vintage-look screen tee (like this Lost in Fargo one) or opt for a quirky graphic tee.

Another option is to rep your favorite fandom. Think Rolling Stones concert tees and Stranger Things T-shirts. A loose, distressed V-neck just barely tucked in at the front and paired with a cute bralette is super comfy option too.

To give the classic pairing a more vintage-inspired feel, top it off with a long cardigan. You can even add in some normcore/athleisure elements with a ball cap and sneakers. Roughly rolling the jeans to let chunky socks peek out keeps the eclectic look in that hipster realm.

Look 3: Textured layers

KEYONA ELKINS | PHOTO COURTESY Look 3: Textured layers

Cozy layers are key for this version of the hipster look.

Layer vintage-inspired pieces from different decades — ’60s Chelsea boots, ’70s band tees, ’80s sweaters, ’90s high-waisted cutoffs — and mix them with modern add-ons like cargo jackets and wide brim hats to keep the look current.

This outfit starts with a printed vintage dress and plaid button up layered under an oversized ’80s-style sweater. Chunky knee-high socks add warmth, and classic Converse sneakers keep the look grounded. Mixing prints and textures is easy when you stick to neutral colors and soft muted tones.

Another trick is to roll up sleeves, cuff hems and tuck in tops to play with shape and add texture. Of course, accessorizing with a cup of overpriced pour-over coffee doesn’t hurt either.

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