wrestling women

A Major Breakthrough for Women

wrestling women
The men on NDSU’s wrestling team may have to step up their game with the addition of female team members.

After many long, drawn out debates, the women have finally received what they have asked for: equality on the wrestling mat.

Though women have been cleared from showing off their wrestling moves in the past, there has finally been a breakthrough. With their inaugural season quickly approaching, the women joining the team have been hard at work.

Bringing their talents the already formed men’s squad, the girls are ready to teach the men a thing or two—while also learning from the well equipped coaching staff.

When asked about the female additions, last year’s star wrestlers claimed they are excited for this large step in equality.

“Adding women to NDSU’s wrestling program is something we have been waiting for for quite some time now,” they agreed.

The rest of the team was equally as excited—except for a few who recognized the wrestling abilities of the new members.

“After watching these women in the weight room, I am now worried about my standings for next year,” to be senior Josh Rodriguez said. “Adding these female body-builders to the team could jeopardize my spot on the team next year.”

As the women join the team for off-season practices to form the first co-ed wrestling team, scouts have begun to notice. Ranking the team at number one in the upcoming season, most NCAA scouts have high expectations for next year.

“With the addition of the women, the men who previously ran the team are now working twice as hard to keep their position,” one scout said.

While co-ed wrestling is a large step for student-athletes here at NDSU, there is still space on the team for women looking to show off their wrestling talents.

Tryouts will be held at 3 p.m. on April 1 at the Great Plains Ballroom. The team asks each woman to provide their own singlet and headgear.

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