Sri Lanka bombings

A pleasant Easter Sunday takes a cruel turn

As many of you might have heard, or didn’t hear, there were bombings of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. They were suicide attacks designed to cause mass casualties. These bombings killed over 300 people, many of them Christian worshippers.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks a few days after the occurrence. ISIS causing trouble once again is not a good sign. It suggests a problem we have so desperately tried to solve is still a major problem. ISIS attacks are so much more severe than others because they kill so many more people. We thought the New Zealand shooting was bad? There were six times the number of people killed in this attack.

The problem I have with this issue is the lack of media attention it’s receiving. Ironically, the New Zealand shooting got more attention than these bombings, despite the massive difference in fatalities. It seems like mass attacks like these are getting less and less attention as they happen. The repeating occurrence of these events makes it seem like a harsh reality when that’s not what reality should be like.

How many more innocent lives are going to be taken by people that are a part of ISIS? And of course, it happens on Easter to Christian people, as if you couldn’t maximize the fury you’re going to put in people. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

A lot of these tragic attacks have one thing in common. Most of them take place at a religious site like a church or mosque. It just goes to show how sacred and fragile religion can be.

One realistic solution could be to make churches more exclusive. Make the locations anonymous where only well-known members know where to find the place. They could disguise it and make it look like a normal building without any religious symbols on the outside.

Of course, the problem with this is it goes against what the church is about: accepting everyone. Churches are meant to be open to all, but with the recent events that have taken place, those privileges might have to be stretched.

It’s really unfortunate to see this stuff happen over and over. If something like this happens again, I really hope to see it in the news more than these past attacks. We need more people to be aware of these issues and fight for what’s right.

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