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No, I don’t have a plan after graduation and that’s OK

Light your tassel on fire to signify how done you are with people bombarding your life.

For those of you that are freshmen, it may seem as though people constantly ask what you want to do with your major. But when you’re finally a senior, the questions never end.

In about two weeks, many students will be graduating, and it’s guaranteed that if it hasn’t started already, then the questions will start to flow. Many seniors have been experiencing the questions for months (and years) about what is next, but who truly knows what is next?

It’s difficult to tell all of these people to shut up. So instead, take care of your mental health and utilize tips from Pinterest for dealing with the pressures after college of having your life completely figured out.

Who the f— knows?

Everyone knows those graduates that have their whole career planned out and a career in hand once they throw up their cap on May 11. Now, congrats to you if that’s the case, but let’s not rub it in anyone’s face.

It is OK to be graduating college and not have a job lined up right away. Most graduates still have no idea what they are doing with their life. So when your parents, friends and family are constantly asking you what you’re doing after college, simply respond, “Who the f— knows?” Because even those who have it all planned out truly have no idea.

It’s your life not theirs

Students fall into this pit of panic because people are constantly asking what seem like life-threatening questions. Many people continuously change their careers after college, and yet they still put pressure on newly graduated seniors to find employment right away.

It’s your life. Do not let their constant questions turn you away from any opportunity or cause it to impact your mental health.

Everything will be all right

There are many, many, many successful people that do not get a valuable or wanted career until their 30s, 40s or even later. This may deter you from any hope that you will love life anytime soon, but it should do the opposite. While so many people are forcing you to make decisions, remember that your life can change so many times.

Don’t take everything so seriously. Everything will work out. All you have to do is keep trying and hold out hope.

Earn that money, honey

If you don’t get a job or internship directly after graduation in your field, now is your chance to make up for years of broke college living. While you should use this time to continuously apply to your wanted career opportunities in the area you are living, you may also want to find work as a server, bartender, dog walker, babysitter or something.

Any of these jobs can quickly earn money for those loans that you need to start paying off. While it may seem like you are going backward, utilize this time to save up while also staying on the market for a job in your field.

Be open-minded and ready

Most people in their careers now have stories of changing from different jobs to get to their current position. Many end up in areas in their field they never knew existed or could see themselves working in before graduation.

Be open to those opportunities because they can lead to a whole new career path that you never thought about back in your college experience.

Be ready for those opportunities because they happen when you least expect it or quickly submit a resume to a job when you’re desperate.

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