Is it worth going home this Thanksgiving break?

President Bresciani advises students to stay in Fargo area

This past week President Bresciani recommended that NDSU students should stay on campus during Thanksgiving break. We will be given the opportunity to stay on campus, live in our dorms, and only have four free swipes for food at the food court, due to the fact that the dining centers will be closed. 

Is it really worth going home and risking getting family sick? Is it really worth being bored in your dorm over Thanksgiving break? Is it really worth staying here and buying your own food when you are hungry? What would you do?

Personally, I will be staying here over Thanksgiving break for a couple of reasons. I have to work over break and if I go home, I could risk getting my grandparents sick which would be a very bad deal. 

But what am I going to do from Wednesday to Sunday in my dorm? I do not want to go out shopping, as the COVID-19 cases in Cass County are very high, not to mention pretty much the whole state of North Dakota. This is truly such a tough decision to make.

Parents, family and friends want to see their students’ home during Thanksgiving break; however, they may have to wait until Christmas break to see their students. Whether you decide to stay on campus or go home, please be careful. 

Keep your distance, moniter how you are feeling and wear a mask. Maybe think of checking in with some of your friends and see if they will be staying on-campus or going home for Thanksgiving. Plan a get-together, a small get-together. Be careful and stay healthy Bison.

With the case numbers steadily increasing on campus, I believe Bresciani should send us home from Thanksgiving to the end of Christmas break. I know for a fact that many people will not be staying up in Fargo for Thanksgiving. Who knows? Maybe these people who go home will end up getting us all sick and we will all end up in quarantine. 

I am in quarantine right now and trust me, it is so not worth coming back to campus just to get quarantined over the holidays.

I would rather us go home from Thanksgiving to Christmas than be online for all of the second semester. I think we will be okay if we go home for a few weeks, maybe it will lower the cases in Cass County as well. 

I, along with many others, want to watch Bison football this spring. Maybe give us all a break and have us go online for this short time, rather than later on when we could be tailgating and watching NDSU football. 

If Bresciani decides that we are coming back after Thanksgiving break, I think we should all plan to get tested before going back to our dorms, apartments, or houses in Fargo. Seriously, when he recommends getting tested before and after the break, he means it. You never know if you could be asymptomatic or not. 

President Bresciani, if you are going to advise us to stay at the dorms over Thanksgiving break, can we at least have a few more than four free swipes at the food court. Sincerely, all of the broke college kids.

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