Some ways to keep san and involved

We might be here a while so here are some things to do.

NDSU’s Theater Department had to get creative like the rest of us.
PHOTO COURTESY: NDSU Theater Department

We are at a crossroads in Fargo where being safe means sacrificing a large part of our social life and entertainment needs. I have had to resort to starting more indoor hobbies like cooking interesting vegetables and crying in the shower.

In the past week or so, even the idea of going out and meeting a single person has become less and less appealing because of the risk. I am sure I am not the only one who has people around them get sick especially at this time.

There are not a lot of things to do in Fargo that don’t include putting yourself at risk and that is a big problem. But, there are things to do that will keep you safe while allowing you to relax at the same time. 

Velveteen Rabbit Streaming
NDSU’s Theater Department is not going to be stopped by the times, they are still performing their interpretation of The Velveteen Rabbit through November, 29. The production will be available as an audio stream because of the pandemic. 

“This show was in our line-up for last spring, and as fate would have it, Covid put a stop to a sweet show about a little boy who gets sick with scarlet fever!” Karen Dregseth, the Theater Departments Administrative Assistant, said in an email.

Alongside this performance the department also provides a comfortable visual aspect, “We challenged the North Dakota Quilters Guild to make “Velveteen Rabbit” themed mini-quilts and they are currently on display in a case in the atrium of Festival Hall,” Dregseth said.

Carriage rides through downtown Fargo

Yes, you have seen this romantic activity before. People experiencing the city the old fashioned way while taking in the pretty strung-up lights in downtown Fargo. 

This half decade-old tradition started when a local family started to use retired Clydesdales to carry around locals and out-of-towners’ alike. Tickets are 10$ a piece and rides start at 6 p.m Thursday. More information can be found on the Facebook event page.

Visit the Art Gallery in the Union

Currently, the Memorial Union’s art gallery is hosting the Baccalaureate senior art students’ final cohesive projects. Each of the projects examines a complex theme through research and expressed it in a medium of their choice according to the gallery’s website.

The exhibit celebrates the North Dakota State’s bachelor’s of fine arts program that and the students who have successfully completed it.

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