Infamous Wonka Experience Strikes Again

Most people are probably already quite familiar with the infamous Glasgow Willy Wonka experience. For a short time, it was difficult to be active on the internet without hearing all about Willy’s Chocolate Experience. 

However, the reason this event was so publicized was not for anything positive. Instead, the event became internet famous for how bad it was. 

Therefore, it is not that shocking that the organizing company, House of Illuminati, would look for a second chance. And they might have found a new area and a new audience for this new event.

The Willy Wonka experience was a flop, and a lot of the jokes that came from it were about the crying children at the event. So, they have decided to go for something a little more niche that could still be a family experience, but will not be automatically seen as an event for children.

House of Illuminati is reportedly hosting another event—this time, themed around the hit video game Stardew Valley.

With the recent resurgence of popularity with the game as well as the orchestral concert tour that is currently going on, it was seen as a prime opportunity for their second chance.

Yet there is still hesitation as the company seems to have learned absolutely nothing from their previous experience. The digital posters have once again seemed to have been AI-generated, considering the astonishing amount of misspelled and even made-up words. Additionally, the renting of another warehouse space has made some question if they are really going to improve anything at all.

Entry ticket prices have not been announced yet, so there is hope that they will be lower than the $45 each that Willy’s Chocolate Experience costs.

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