Holiday Trivia

  1. Who was the first president to decorate the white house with a Christmas tree?
  2. The first artificial Christmas trees were made out of green dyed, what?
  3. If you were to receive all of the gifts from “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” song, how many gifts would you receive?
  4. The word Christmas is derived from what two Old English words?
  5. The song Jingle Bells was originally made for what holiday?
  6. What is the most played Christmas movie?
  7. Who invented Christmas lights?
  8. Approximately how many people know the carol, “Silent Night”?
  9. What is the ninth candle of the Hanukah Menorah used for?
  10. Who was the very first balloon character to appear in Macy’s Day Parade?
  11. British people wear paper crowns at Christmas events to represent whom?
  12. Why do Southerners eat black-eyed peas and greens on News Years Day?
  13. What year was the first Nativity scene made in?
  14. How much does the New Years Eve Ball in Times Square weigh?
  15. A popular Chinese New Year treat is candied lotus seeds because they bring what?

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