How to Reduce Stress for Finals

Finals are here and there are just a couple more weeks before freedom. With finals approaching faster and faster, I have compiled things to do that will help you relieve stress.

1. Express yourself in a creative way

Sometimes, creating something is great way to distract yourself from stress. Drawing, singing, looking at pictures of cute animals or pinning on your Pinterest board for cool things to create are a great way to release endorphins.

2. Laugh

Finals are no laughing matter, but it’s proven that laughing reduces both momentary and long-term stress by reducing those hormones.

Watching funny YouTube videos or Netflix comedies can help you giggle. If you really want a challenge, you can force yourself to laugh. It’s going to feel and look weird, so don’t do it in public.

3. Cute animals

Pets are great for releasing endorphins in your body. Petting an animal for a couple of minutes can reduce stress and nothing is better than an animal’s unconditional love.

If a fuzzy creature isn’t within reach, just looking at pictures of cute animals can brighten your day.

4. Dance like no one is watching

It’s weird and awkward, but we have all done it at some point. Dancing is not only great exercise but it also helps relieve tension.

Not everyone is the best dancer, but it doesn’t matter. Do it in your room, in the shower or when your roommates aren’t home.

5. Make someone else smile

Helping others activates your brain’s relaxation responses. Take time out of your day to volunteer or help a friend. Their positive reaction will make you feel so much better.

6. Become an inner child

Everyone is still connected to their younger self. Do something that you enjoyed doing back then: pop bubble wrap, blow bubbles, play games, get some Play-Doh.

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