Giving back to the community through Giving Hearts Day

Photo courtesy | Giving Hearts Day website
Giving Hearts Day started in 2008 and has raised $90 million since then for local charities

This year’s Giving Hearts Day will have nearly 500 charities participating

As Valentine’s Day approaches so does the annual day of giving. Giving Hearts Day will occur on Thursday, Feb. 11 to raise money for charities. Schools, businesses and individuals all participate in the event and help spread the word to others.

Giving Hearts Day is a day set aside for people to donate to almost 500 charities across North Dakota and Minnesota. This day provides a platform for charities to raise money so they can better help and support the communities around them. This event allows anyone to donate to charities, volunteer or help support the community around them.

According to the website, “It has become the region’s day to feed the hungry, nurture the elderly and educate tomorrow’s leaders.”

Giving Hearts Day’s first event originated in 2008. In 13 years, this event has become one of the longest-running giving days in the United States. Since 2008, Giving Hearts has raised over $90 million for local charities. The partners and co-hosts for this event include Dakota Medical Foundation, High Impact Institute and Alex Stern Family Foundation. 

In 2020 alone, 34,711 people donated on Giving Hearts Day. Through Giving Hearts, people are able to go online and choose any charity to donate to. The charities involved in this event range from animal shelters to senior services to environmental programs. Through the Giving Hearts Day website, people also find volunteer opportunities with specific charity programs.

Giving Hearts Day also has opportunities for people to donate their time to the cause. One way people chose to help is by putting up yard signs to spread the word. Around Valentines Day, red signs begin to pop up around towns and down streets to encourage people to donate some of their time and money to a charity.

Another way people show their support for giving hearts day is by wearing red. In unison with Valentine’s Day, red is the designated color for Giving Hearts Day. 

Giving Hearts Day also finds support through businesses and schools. Businesses show their support to Giving Hearts Day by raising money, supporting an event, or by sponsoring an award. Schools also help by spreading information to students, encouraging others to give and wearing red. 

“Giving Hearts Day is more than one day. It leads to a lifetime of generosity,” the website added.

North Dakota State University is hosting events in order to celebrate Giving Hearts Day. Students will be able to support the cause by putting up signs to inform students how to donate. Campus Attractions is also providing an opportunity for students to write a letter to those in assisting living.

“Around Valentine’s Day, ask people to show affection to not only people they love but charities, too.” 

If you are wanting to donate on Giving Hearts Day or to get involved go to the Giving Hearts Day website to learn more: Home | Giving Hearts Day – a Fundraising Event for Charities.

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