“Gilmore Girls”: Fall Edition

It’s fall, friends, and you know what that means: “Gilmore Girls” season. “Gilmore Girls” is a classic show year-round, but something about Lorelai and Rory sipping hot coffee in cute sweaters hits differently in the fall. Most “Gilmore Girls” fans, such as myself, have been in “Gilmore Girls” mode since early August. The leaves are falling quickly, though, so it feels like time to address this.

Every episode of “Gilmore Girls” contains the cozy fall vibes that fans love, even when the episode doesn’t take place during the fall. This is probably due to the color scheme and scenery presented during the theme song, but also the plethora of sweaters that the Lorelais are known to sport. Each season has one episode that takes the cake in terms of its fall vibes, so I’ve compiled a list for all of the “Gilmore Girls” lovers wanting to feel that familiar coziness with me.

Season 1: Kiss and Tell (Episode 7)

Right from the start, this episode is exploding with orange and brown. The opening scene observes Rory and Lorelai walking through the town square, which is decked out in fall decor, engaging in their typical banter. The gazebo holds a banner reading “Stars Hollow Autumn Festival,” setting the tone for the whole episode. The second scene involves Luke being berated for not putting up fall decorations in his store.

While the general plot for the episode doesn’t scream fall, everything in the episode has undertones of fall. Rory and her best friend, Lane, dress up as pilgrims and debrief at a Cornucopia Can Drive table. Lorelai’s first interaction takes place in a grocery store lined with cutouts of turkeys. The main action of the episode involves Lorelai and Rory having a movie night with Rory’s new boyfriend, which just happens to be the perfect cozy fall night activity. This episode is a perfect example of the “Gilmore Girls’” fall feel.

Season 2: The Ins & Outs of Inns (Episode 8)

This season is deeply deprived of a solid fall episode, but this episode at least has the right idea. Lorelai and Sookie quarrel over how to make their big dream of owning an inn together happen. Another fight breaks out as Luke defends his nephew against just about the whole town of Stars Hollow. Neither of these main topics of the episode feels very fall, but the town stands beautifully decorated through it all.

One of the charges against Luke’s nephew was a vandalized body outline on the sidewalk outside of the market. Rory’s boyfriend has to spend hours scraping it off the pavement while the rest of the town continues to conspire against Luke’s nephew. Much of the episode takes place outside because of this act, which leads characters to don thick sweaters and jackets. Even the lighting used in this episode gives the perfect crisp fall air feeling to go along with the decorations. 

Season 3: A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving (Episode 9)

This episode is indeed Thanksgiving-themed. Lorelai and Rory find themselves invited to four Thanksgiving celebrations, one at Rory’s best friend’s house, one at Sookie’s house, one at Luke’s diner, and one at Lorelai’s parents’ house. The first celebration involves Tofurkey and hymns, a quite atypical celebration.

The next celebration, at Sookie’s, includes a deep-fried turkey. Once again far from typical. This celebration does take place outside, though, leaving plenty of room for fall decorations and cozy jackets.

Thanksgiving at Luke’s includes some of the more kooky characters in “Gilmore Girls,” such as Kirk and Babette. The food at this celebration does fit a more traditional mold of Thanksgiving foods, though.

The final celebration for the Gilmore girls takes place at Lorelai’s parents’ house. The food at this celebration could be, and was, described as “ceremonial.” As is typical for an interaction between Lorelai and her parents, this celebration resulted in a fight; a familiar feeling during the stressful holiday season. This episode gives viewers all of the fall feels, between the stress, layered outfits, and familiar foods.

Season 4: The Fundamental Things Apply (Episode 5)

This episode begins with Lorelai planting bulbs, a gardening activity that needs to be done in the fall. Lorelai bears warm-colored ensembles, perfect for crisp Connecticut days. With Rory now at college, viewers get to experience double the fall scenery. Lorelai discusses her inn with Sookie on a walk, displaying the pumpkins and hay bales splayed around Stars Hollow. To tie this into the first season, Lorelai has somewhat of a movie date with Luke. They’re just friends on this date, but the setting feels all too similar to Rory’s first date with her first boyfriend in season one. Once again, the movie night brings the perfect cozy fall vibes that “Gilmore Girls” viewers long for.

I could go on and on about how perfect “Gilmore Girls” is for fall, and I will–next week. In the meantime, I hope this article encourages someone to watch one of these episodes and imagine the perfect fall weather that inspired their production. Just try to ignore the fact that Fargo might be getting snow this weekend. It’s still fall, believe it or not.

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