Have a Spook-tacular Halloween

My apologies for the up-coming dad jokes

It’s the most wonderful time of fear. Believe it or not, Halloween is creeping up right around the corner. Don’t just go through the motions this year and let it pass you by. Even if fall, Halloween, and spooky season isn’t your thing, there’s plenty you can do to celebrate the holiday. I will be providing you all with ideas and activities to get you in the “Halloween-y” mood.

1. First and foremost, one that I probably don’t even need to mention: carve pumpkins. I know it requires a little bit of elbow grease, but the fun doesn’t just stop at the carving. Once you’ve finished your design, hold a contest to see who wins! Also, while carving, save those pumpkin seeds to bake later! Look up some recipes, find one that you love, and boom, you have a perfect fall snack.

2. Re-watch Halloween-themed episodes of your favorite old shows. This one, my roommates and I live by religiously. It not only gives you the best feeling of nostalgia, but it also fills your spooky cup up.

3. Deck the halls! (For Halloween). Decorate your dorm, apartment, house, etc. with everything spooky. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and you can enjoy them while they stay up!

4. Host a Halloween potluck; gather your friends to make up some spooky drinks and snacks! There is an unlimited amount of ways to make your food scary with a little bit of research.

5. If you’re of age here at NDSU, you can get a group to go participate in the local bars’ costume contests! Plus, you can join “Crawlaween” happening downtown Fargo this Saturday!

6. Gift your friends and family a “Boo Basket”. This idea is fairly new and on the rise. You put together all the best Halloween candy, throw it in a basket and alert the receiver that they have now been “Boo’d”. You include instructions on how they can boo someone else, and the chain reaction starts!

7. Visit your local apple orchard. This one isn’t as Halloween scare-your-pants-off-esque, but picking apples and eating them after deserves a spot on the list. You can even make applesauce after, giving yourself yet again another fall snack. 

8. Here in Fargo at West Acres Mall, they are hosting a brewery maze run! It’s right in the parking lot and should be a blast. So, try some new drinks from local breweries and get lost having fun! If you’re not of age, you can always visit this maze just for the fun of it, not during brewery times, and go through the pumpkin patch right outside!

9. Hype yourself up to go through a haunted house. Yes, that’s right, toughen up and hit the scariest haunted house around. For all you thriller seekers, attend the Haunted Farm and Acres of Terror and let me know how it went. I’m not as strong as you, so I’ll just trust your opinion.

10. Watch a scary movie for Pete’s sake. I don’t even care if it’s a funny one. Perhaps Hubie Halloween–I don’t judge. But light some pumpkin-scented candles and flip your favorite Halloween movie on.

Participate in any or all of these fall/Halloween activities to creep it real spooky season year after year.

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