G-Eazy Gives Fargo Much Love


Let’s face it – not many well-known hip-hop artists schedule shows in Fargo.

That G-Eazy sold out his concert at the Civic Center in an hour shouldn’t surprise anyone. Serious hype had built up before the “When It’s Dark Out” tour show, to say the least.

But did G-Eazy deliver a performance that met the hype? Most definitely.

Performing an ideal balance of old and new songs, G-Eazy had the crowd moving from start to stop. The energy in the Civic Center was incredible. It would be impossible to deny G-Eazy’s talent as a performer.

Early into his set, G-Eazy explained he almost had to cancel the show due to event conflictions and pressure from his management. The artist went on to say that he hopped on multiple planes just to make it to Fargo for the show. The crowd went wild.

That G-Eazy has so much respect for his fans that he made a show in a smaller city like Fargo his priority says a lot about his character. G-Eazy gave the impression he was honored to be here, and the crowd ate it up.

The set up of G-Eazy’s stage was particularly interesting. The artist’s on-stage props made it appear as if he was performing on rooftops, complete with neon signs and video screen. Supporting G-Eazy on his left was a DJ and on the right, a drummer.

It seemed as though G-Eazy came equipped to fill an entire stadium full of sound. The Civic Center was absolutely dominated by booming bass and beats. This was topped off by intense light effects and lasers. To put it simply, the G-Eazy concert was blissful sensory overload.

As his set went on, G-Eazy couldn’t stop saying how awesome the crowd was. He had never been to Fargo before, but toward the end of the show, he said that he would make a point of coming back every tour “for the rest of his life.”

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