Fargo Flicks: Satire and Sorrow

Now that awards season has officially come to a close it is the perfect opportunity to refresh yourself with a new out-pouring of films. Right now, theaters are showing a wide variety of films, ranging from the out-right bizarre comedy to a video-game inspired watching experience.

The Boss

Melissa McCarthy returns in another comedy this spring entitled “The Boss” which is receiving a wide release April 8. Kristen Bell, known for her roles in “Frozen” and “Veronica Mars,” will also play a lead role along with McCarthy.

The plot follows the two women after McCarthy, the rudest and richest businesswoman in America, goes to jail for insider trading. Bell, her head assistant, helps the ex-con rebrand herself as “America’s Sweetheart” to boost her likability.

The two comedienne juggernauts combine their talents to become leaders of a Brownie troop, similar to Girl Scouts, during the infamous cookie-selling season.

This movie appears to be interesting considering McCarthy plays a role that differs from her usual booking. In the past, McCarthy has played someone who is either slovenly, weird or under-appreciated. Conversely, in this film her confidence comes out in what is sure to be a hilarious way.

Hardcore Henry

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be the hero in an action film? The feeling of shooting big guns, doing daring stunts and saving a captive in distress can all be possibly attained in this adventurous film, “Hardcore Henry.” This movie, being released April 8, uses a first-person point of view to follow Henry, a man who had all of his memories erased.

The film kicks off when Henry wakes up with robotic prosthetics after enduring enough trauma to absolutely destroy his body. His wife is stolen from him by an army of villains who want the technology that gives Henry his super robotic strength and dexterity.

The trailer promises “A motion picture event unlike any other” and the actual movie is sure to deliver on that promise. Unfortunately, the first-person point-of-view and shaky action scenes could cause viewers to become nauseous while watching. Audience goers should express caution.


A limited release film that is debuting on April 9 is “Demolition.”  This film follows the story of Davis, a successful banker who loses his wife in a tragic car accident.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the main character who tries to piece sections of his life together after his wife’s death. As his life progresses, he begins to mentally unravel by revealing personal admissions in hand-written letters. These emotional and heart felt letters catch the attention of Karen, a customer service representative played by Naomi Watts. Karen and her son help Davis rebuild his life after he loses everything.

Despite a film like this not receiving a wide release, and not receiving much attention, it might be worth viewing when if it screens at the Fargo Theatre.

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